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    Re: UK Threat Level raised to SEVERE

    A couple of weeks ago my husband saw a huge passenger aircraft fly low overhead - he thinks it was a pre-run/practice for the NATO summit where they will fly craft low from London to Cardiff airport....
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    Re: Simon Parkes at The Bases Conference

    Thanks Ktlight.
    Simon's talk was affected by white noise in his mic - he was the only speaker of that weekend to have this, but luckily you can still hear the talk fairly clearly.
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    Re: The ice bucket challenge. Would you?

    I've just been nominated and don't want to do it for all the reasons stated, plus, I just don't want to. My daughters are furious with me for not conforming!
    Glad this has been highlighted.
  4. Re: NEWS FOR THE NEW NEWSLETTER!!! Bill Ryan Portrait

    The painting is wonderful :-) Bill must feel truly honoured.
    I love the newsletter too - it's a great way of summarizing up where we are within the times we live in (I know what I mean ;-))
  5. Re: Danger!! New Bioweapon - T4 Bacteriophage Distributed Via Vaccines

    this is concerning that children who are unvaccinated are banned from school. It makes me think people should be setting up independent schools, like a group of people home schooling their...
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    Re: That was a wild ride

    I had a strange day yesterday because I was very sick. I'm almost never sick, and it wasn't a bug because it didn't have the feel of a virus or food poisoning, but waves of nausea which kept me...
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    Re: Soul Mates from an ET Perspective

    Great video Omni - thanks for creating and sharing this :-) x
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    Re: Sex - The Secret Gate to Gnosis

    If the whole of humanity abstained from sex and procreation - pretty much one of our strongest drives - then that would be the end of the human race on 3D earth! Is that how we are supposed to ascend...
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    Re: Sex - The Secret Gate to Gnosis

    Just watching a bit more (and I probably should wait until I've seen the whole film before i did comment, but things keep coming to mind).
    I think the story is easier to understand if we have a...
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    Re: Sex - The Secret Gate to Gnosis

    I disagree about the issues surrounding orgasms. I just don't believe this. I think it's yet another indoctrination. Another form of control, where we are trying to break out from. All sexual animals...
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    Re: When Is a Hybrid Not a Hybrid?

    oh gosh - this makes me feel really sad. I don't know enough because i canot remember thing well, all I can remember are my emotions and fears. But your story sounds like it was a cruel trick - or...
  12. Re: Project Camelot: Simon Parkes - The Measure Of A Man

    Yes, I agree, thank you cfho83 and all the best :-)
  13. Re: Project Camelot: Simon Parkes - The Measure Of A Man

    My life is uninteresting, but I have looked at spiritual matters all my life and realised how many false prophets there are. From some who sound quite plausible to some who sound outright mad. So I...
  14. Re: Project Camelot: Maria Wheatley - Dowsing Earth Energies

    I think this may well have been in a cafe, I didn't watch it being recorded though. I do think that Kerry tries hard just to get the interview - she had to ask and fix a time and place - it's all...
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    Re: Healing Request For My Brother

    Love and best wishes to you both xxx
  16. Re: Project Camelot: Simon Parkes - The Measure Of A Man

    Hi Larry,
    Sorry, I didn't lump you together with Cider's post on purpose, I must have just posted twice in a row quite quickly and the computer system did that, not me intentionally. For me they...
  17. Re: Project Camelot: Simon Parkes - The Measure Of A Man

    Larry, what is your point please? or your issue with this?

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Interesting he does say that his mother worked for Mi5 and
    NSA and that he is Jewish later in the interview....
  18. Re: Project Camelot: Simon Parkes - The Measure Of A Man

    Yes he has, in the past interviews he's said this, I'm sure. It's been no secret. She was good at languages.
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    Re: BASES 20 The New Humans with Mary Rodwell

    I'm back from the Bases conference and it was really good. I didn't see many speakers to be honest, but did see Simon Parkes and Mary Rodwell - both were very good indeed.
    I had a wonderful chat...
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    Re: Barry King needs healing now

    Wishing you all the best and sending healing energy your way Barry. I hope you recover well enough to be able to get your information out there. Wishing you health and happiness and thank you for all...
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