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    Re: The UK Brexit vote to leave the EU

    Iím looking at things from slightly bigger perspective now as Iím in India, in the heart of Tibetan refugee community, above all but India itself offers large spectrum of perspectives on what ways is...
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    Re: Orion ETs using Satanic Cult and Social Media

    Yes it seems itís all dark, darker and darker from that side of matters.

    We may hypothesise here that unemotional, technically far evolved grey civilisation is capable of seemless takeover of...
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    Re: Why does pornography work?

    ďBecause we are psycho-neurologically excitable 😀 I think the live pulsing current running through our neural connections is technically the same thing ancients called Prana and so on.
    It isnít...
  4. Re: Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a (Victim of a) Fraud

    Wish that people turned more informed about the real topic, critical changes sometimes complete devastation of the environment we inhabit on this planet, the quality of which is crucial to our...
  5. Re: Gel that makes teeth repair themselves could spell the end of fillings

    Fascinating. Found another source here( the University of Southern California) research team published article about their latest developments of enamel self-repairing gel in April 2018.
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    Re: Why are we lying ?

    I think that most lies occur out of fear -as a form of self defence Iíd say,
    starting in childhood, we may feel or be in inadequate situation towards authority,
    parents, teachers ,much later of...
  7. Re: Ancient Artifacts That Are Still Shrouded in Controversy Today

    I wonder if there is more accurate information available or
    coming out on these ďgiant skeletonsĒ allegedly unearthed in
    Rujm el-Hiri,
    Golan heights,...
  8. Re: What would you do ? If you get the chance for meeting God ?

    Ask him the same question. Oh God, and what shall I do ?

    Now that I met you,
    may I invite you for bottle of wine
    since thatís going to be unforgettable evening

    Then hope he wonít say no

  9. Re: SURVEY / Is anyone for keeping weapons out of space ?

    Hi yes I was thinking in the same lines prompting me to edit the above and write some more( vis previous post).

    History is written in stones, the dust under our feet but moreso, in the...
  10. Re: SURVEY / Is anyone for keeping weapons out of space ?

    Well, India kind of had all kinds of extraordinary Space weapons in their past, some very fearful weapons remains of which were buried and vowed never to be used again.
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    Re: Digital Addiction: Stronger Than Heroin

    Itís all true but ...if I look back to my childhood and teenage that happened before the public computer and internet age started, in the 70s and 80s and since we were little behind at that point...
  12. Re: SURVEY / Is anyone for keeping weapons out of space ?

    Behind the horizons of this Universe there are just other Universes.
    The ďhorizonsĒ stretch about everywhere.
    Just look around your neighbourhood. People live on all kind of timeliness and some in...
  13. Re: Is meditating on "emptiness" better than mindfulness cultivation ?

    The easiest yet deeply profound understanding of the Universe that occurred to me spontaneously many years ago but itís worthy to mind self of times to times is that from phenomenological perspective...
  14. Thread: Racism

    by Agape

    Re: Racism

    The worst demon haunting human civilisation at all times has nothing to do with how we look, so true, itís a demon of economical and cultural inequity.

    Millions of gifted, capable people are out...
  15. Re: Is meditating on "emptiness" better than mindfulness cultivation ?

    Whether our Way ( or Fate) are predestined or whether we are choosing them consciously and only thus; you say; ďI have a plan for my WayĒ,

    truly the Way has been described well only by those who...
  16. Re: Desperately begging for healing prayers, best wishes, strong cure vibes

    Sending you many prayers with the awareness they have treatments so advanced nowadays that many types of cancers can be stopped from progressing
    and we can recover from the most impossible states...
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    Actually. But what kind of governance would you really prefer?

    By that I donít mean to attack anybodyís secret ego😆 Self-governance works the best for me. Itís until I grow old and start asking...
  18. Re: SURVEY / Is anyone for keeping weapons out of space ?

    I wonder if the number of weapons accumulated globally on the planet, at this time is actually bigger than number of humans.

    Does it make you feel safer ? Safer from whom, can you name them even ?...
  19. Re: Is meditating on "emptiness" better than mindfulness cultivation ?

    Found somewhat contemporary art work on the topic of Prajnaparamita

    Stunnigly cracked light sculpture

    ....itís through the cracks that Light...
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    Re: Large scale and unexpected power outages

    This may be relevant or not but we have currently hit the bottom of Solar cycle and geomagnetic field displayed eery calm as well,
    reported even by private magnetometers such as here:

    THE EERY...
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