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  1. Re: Dark Journalist & Joseph Farrell: UFO X-Factor Black Budget & Secret Space Network 16 March 2018

    Permit me to play devil’s advocate. I’m not persuaded. I believe Merritt’s story is misdirection and deflection.

    Disclosures and the truth, what ever that is, about UFOs and aliens is always...
  2. Re: Two Presidential Candidates That Stand No Chance of Winning Have Spent $250 Million

    It really is not important that these guys are Republican, Democrat or Independent. What is important that nobody seems to be talking about is the insanity of throwing these vast sums of money at...
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    I know for a fact, due to some oil extraction companies my office represents (and you would recognize theirs names), that millions of gallons of “clean water” is used to frak (not frack) one well. ...
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    Several people were arrested in CA for arson in connection with some of those fires, at least.
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    If I were a terrorist (and I am not) and wanted to inflict significant damage on a nation, country, or state, with a minimum of cost and effort to me and my followers, I would do just this. I would...
  6. Re: Ricky Gervais Takes No Prisoners At Golden Globes

    If so, would the problem of the State (and others) attacking and limiting free speech be solved by each of us holding ourselves out as stand up comics? Or would the State determine who is and who is...
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    Re: A Better Bucket List

    If I may add:

    "Don't worry. Be happy."
  8. Re: Ricky Gervais Takes No Prisoners At Golden Globes

    You've touched upon what has been gnawing at me about his monologue. I get the feeling that it was and is a put-up job, for public consumption. What they hope to achieve by it is to have the public...
  9. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    The video is dated 1/3/2020 and is not the address Trump gave to the Nation today.
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    Re: World-Wide City Population Changes by End of 2019

    I have a few predictions:

    Spaceship Earth will keep on turning and revolving around the Sun as we hurl through Space---as it has for how-so-ever-long now.

    The sun will appear from the surface...
  11. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    What does history tell us about the re-election prospects for the incumbent “war-time” POTUS?
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    Re: All about Trump's 'impeachment'

    I believe this article from Lew Rockwell fits here as well as anywhere else. It posits that the continuing and increasing division we see between the left (Dems) and right (Repubs.) in America is...
  13. Re: The Top Scientists Admit They Already Know This Secret | Gregg Braden

    All is one and one is all. The act of seeking or observing affects the sought or observed such as to make each unknowable, including by the "law" of self-reference. There is no duality, only...
  14. Re: Vietnam, and some personal improvement in 2020

    On a personal note, I was drafted into the US Army in 1970. My number was 176. I was inducted into the army on September 23, 1970 in Oakland, CA. Long story short, they made me an infantry...
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    Re: The Incredible Shrinking Overton Window

    This piece sums it all up nicely. Unfortunately, it will fall on deaf ears and dumbed-down minds.
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    Re: Celebrity Crushes

    Natalie Wood
    Jill St. John
    Rachel Welch
    Ann Margaret
    Jenifer Connelly
    Jenifer Aniston
    Nicole Kidman
    Sandra Bullock

    To name a few.
  17. Re: Google Being Sued for "Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence"?

    There are no attorneys listed because the plaintiff is his own lawyer acting pro se, or as he says In Pro Se. (He means In Pro Per.). The cover sheet is an administrative document for the court...
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    Re: All about Trump's 'impeachment'

    Once again Stefan Molyneux nails it. This is as good a summary of the impeachment sham, yes sham, backed up with sources as you'll get.

    I'm referring to post 365 on this thread.
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    Re: All about Trump's 'impeachment'

    There is one overarching and damning fact (of which there are sub-facts) that undermines the legitimacy of the impeachment of Trump and demonstrates that this is a politically partisan effort to...
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    Re: All about Trump's 'impeachment'

    Edina asked:

    "I want to know. Is there a way to impeach a Speaker of the House?"

    The answer is "no." Art. II, sec. 4, limits impeachment to the President, vice-president and civil officers. ...
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