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    Re: New evidence on The Alien Autopsy film.

    Also see this recent thread:

    CIA Senior Medical Officer Kit Green claims Alien Autopsy Footage is Real
  2. Re: Catalan Referendum: Catalonia has 'won right to statehood' but 'not seeking traumatic split'

    You are saying above (in large bold, my emphasis) that a majority of Catalans want independence? Do you have anything to support that assertion?[/QUOTE]

    I'm not there myself, of course, but I was...
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    Re: The UK Brexit vote to leave the EU

    I'd suggest we should all beware of Problem—Reaction—Solution.

    In this case,

    The government (UK or EU!) creates a problem.
    The people are suffering, or seem to be, or say they are.
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    Re: Stina Bo Bina: a star is born :)

    Brainstorming here. :) Easy-picking topics for a fun-filled roasting-lampooning might be

    Tom DeLonge and TTSA
    Gaia TV
    2012 and "Ascension"
    David Wilcock (of course)
  5. Re: Weird, wild weather: floods, freak storms, giant hail, record lows, all over the world

    One of the heaviest snow falls on record, just a couple days ago, in the nearby Cajas mountains in Ecuador, which I've explored extensively the last few years. (Snow is so rare here that despite all...
  6. Re: Project Veritas: 'CNN Insider Blowing the Whistle on his Own Network'

    Yep, successful. :sun: Great to see. $104,000 has been raised for him so far.
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    Stina Bo Bina: a star is born :)

    Trust me. (Or maybe, trust Jay Weidner. "A Star is Born" came from him, his own words to me.)

    Stina Bo Bina is Avalon member Stinamaria. Rarely have I gone out of my way to showcase an Avalon...
  8. Re: Grant Cameron: Wilbert Smith, the Canadian Gov't and UFOs, UFO metals, AFFA the Alien

    An important archive of Wilbert Smith-related audio, all from this page:

    (I don't know if there's an optimum...
  9. Re: Grant Cameron: Wilbert Smith, the Canadian Gov't and UFOs, UFO metals, AFFA the Alien

    Here's an excellent article by Andrew Johnson (actually, a chapter from his book Acknowledged). It's an excellent accompaniment to Grant Cameron's presentation.

    The whole book is online here....
  10. Re: Grant Cameron: Wilbert Smith, the Canadian Gov't and UFOs, UFO metals, AFFA the Alien

    Well, I got very interested in AFFA the Alien. Grant starts talking about this in depth at 46:00 in the first video. Here's more to read: :)

    The Day the Navy Established ‘Contact’...
  11. Re: Grant Cameron: Wilbert Smith, the Canadian Gov't and UFOs, UFO metals, AFFA the Alien

    Grant Cameron refers to Wilbert Smith answering the often-asked question of why the governments were keeping all this a secret with this article:

    Official Reticence

    I am often asked if I can...
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    Re: Ridley Scott - "Real" Alien comments

    I'll post the following just out of mild interest — nothing more. I'm not even claiming it's 'true', or urging anyone to believe it: just sharing an interesting, unprovable subjective experience. :)...
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    And this is the first time I've EVER posted someone's YouTube Channel info video. :) It's every bit as good as the others.

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    I think this also may being here. :) For anyone who's a new fan of Stina's sass and style, you may enjoy this too. I'd like to feature anything she does, because she's fun, entertaining, and VERY...
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    It's not earth-shattering, but it's definitely interesting. It seems to be genuine history. Read here:

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    Re: Joints, inflammation, and all that stuff

    Hello, Everyone: an update here that might possibly be interesting. But caveat! This is NOT a scientific experiment. There are all kinds of flaws in it. :)

    Recap. When I started this thread, I had...
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    :flower: —> Stinamaria! :heart:
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    No. It was merely being cleaned and renovated. :)

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    This video is so much fun that I immediately started to figure a way to download it. (It wasn't very easy!) Others may well have the same trouble. But here it is... also, of course, in case it...
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    Enjoy. :)
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