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  1. Re: NASA Has Discovered Another - Earth - In Deep Space

    Seems there is lots of activity with NASA latelly, with pluto and now this announcment. This stands out to me personally. Wondering if there is some working agenda in process here. Will certainly be...
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    Re: How did you end up as a Project Avalon member?

    I became very interested in the Bob lazar story and material and from there pandoras box opened up for me and I've been involved ever since. I feel though that this was always going to be an...
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    Re: My experience of meeting Bill Ryan many years ago

    In a way, it seems to verify that our paths will cross again at some point in the future, very intriguing story.

  4. Thread: Old people's home

    by Adi

    Re: Old people's home

    Hi there,

    Interesting question you have raised. I happen to have worked in a large nursing home here in Dublin, Ireland. My opinion to long term care facility for the elderly is this, elderly...
  5. Re: Memory and a whole lot more: Neurological Disorders Cause and Effect

    Very interesting stuff, you have done alot of research here.

  6. Re: How can my Mum come off blood thinners and anticoagulants?

    Mega dosing of Vitamin-C is truly a powerful medicine. Its worked for me, and dramatically reduces cholesterol ect. 1000mg three times a day for a year. You'l feel excellent.

  7. Pneumonic Plague in Madagascar and the Ames testimony

    Interesting article that I came across about outbreak of Pneumonic Plague in Madagascar, interesting that its coincidental that such a virus was named as being responsible for future Bio-weapoany as...
  8. Re: PROJECT AVALON NEWSLETTER #2 : Intrigues, Conspiracies, ETs, Breakaway Civilizations, Healing, and the first [small] part of THE PROJECT CAMELOT STORY

    Wonderful news letter, and very well written book Bill, looking forward to the remainder of it. Wonderful re-cap and insights into camelot, Bill and Kerry's life and lead up to the beginning of there...
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    Re: Irish Water The Bull McCabe

    We'l beat this !!
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    Re: Mrs Dolores Cannon has left Earth!

    Quiet shocking news indeed, she will be dearly missed in this realm. Her soul journey continues on.

  11. Re: Haemorrhagic fever / Ebola outbreaks have been reported - accident, natural or bio-weapon?

    Interesting that TNF- a, Tumor Necrosis Factor - alpha, is observed by the authors as creating an, "enhanced Ebola virus GP-mediated entry and fusion to human umbilical vein endothelial cells".
  12. Re: One of my favourites: Vinnie Paz - END OF DAYS, featuring Block McCloud :)

    Wonderful post, a positively provocative message. Thanks.

  13. Re: JOEL SKOUSEN on World War III - and Strategic Relocation

    Very intriguing material, its important for me to go now and sit to absorb this.

  14. Re: Mirage Men: A Journey into Disinformation, Paranoia and UFOs

    Mirage Men, an excellent book also, highly recommend.

  15. Re: A Trip to Ecuador -- Visiting Bill and the Ground Crew

    Seem like such a wonderful place, its a world away from the dusty, mirky, loud conversing city streets that I live alongside. Maybe one day I could go to a place like Vilacabamba Equador, were you...
  16. Re: Neuro and Psychological answer to Paranormality

    Is there any evidence to suggest this. It sounds like what you are saying is that every scientists on the planet is in on some secret to deceive the common man. Thats ridiculous, and an unintelligent...
  17. Neuro and Psychological answer to Paranormality

    Hello there,

    Recently I have been reading and studying into areas of psychology and abnormal psychology with some neuroscience and trying to understand the neuro-biochemistry, (brain chemicals...
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    Re: Root Causes of Dyslexia Unraveled

    Interesting article, thanks for the post.

  19. WARNING Its not the Reptiles or the other of worlders who are baby eaters, WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT!!


    If humans can do this, Im seriously worried. Beware I am not certain on were these images originated or if they are real, but they seem to be legitimate.

  20. Re: News Anchor Completely Loses It For The Best Possible Reason

    What an excellent post, simple and basic common sense, well done.

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