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  1. Re: The Fourth Turning: when humanity loses faith in its institutions

    Martenson said that a turning takes 20 years. I lost faith in our monetary system over a decade ago and am amazed that the whole system hasn't completely collapsed. So, I suppose we’ve got only a few...
  2. Re: Randall Carlson 'Asteroids & Ice~ Evidence of the Great Flood'

    I don't visit the forum very often, but I do enjoy Randall Carlson and just noticed this thread. I'm subscribed to his Youtube channel.

    The amount of evidence that supports major civilization...
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    Re: Lionel Interviews Richard Dolan, 3 Jan 2018

    Lionel is a bit over the top with some of his comments, but I do enjoy his humor. He has a style of delivery that sometimes rubs me the wrong way, but he does tell it like it is.

    Richard as...
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    Re: My Operation Conducted By Aliens

    During my college years, I dropped out of school on two occasions and returned to live with my parents while working full time to earn money for college.

    One night I awoke suddenly and sat up in...
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    Re: The Origin of Christmas

    I'm not defending Christmas as having Christian origins, but as you likely already know, Justin Martyr accused the cult of Mithraism of copying Christian traditions. I suspect that Sunday was chosen...
  6. Re: Dr. Leroy Hulsey testifies regarding structural analysis of WTC 7 collapse

    I appreciate Dr. Hulsey's refusal to state an opinion as to the cause of WTC7's collapse and to science. On the other hand, if you investigate all building collapses since 1885, you will find only...
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    Re: Seals of Approval

    It's not a mystery. Typically when large groups of any species congregates in an area it means that there is an abundant food source in that area. Fish and crustaceans are a major part of a seal's...
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    Re: Dr. Jonny Bowden: "The Great Cholesterol Myth"

    Thank you for the video. It's the best presentations on the subject that I've seen!

    I got off statin about four (4) yeas ago and challenged my doctor to show me any study that proved that lower...
  9. Re: David Stockman: The coming budget crisis and financial collapse in the US

    What our government has been doing is insane. I don't know how the madness has lasted this long. I've been expecting a total collapse for the last decade, but they keep kicking the can down the road....
  10. Re: 'Maybe' our one chance to save America, and the world.

    I didn't vote for President Trump and some of his tweets reminds me of how I acted in grammar school, but now that he's President, I wish him well and hope that he's successful.

    It is concerning...
  11. Re: YOU RAISE ME UP - amazing song by two small Chinese children

    Than you, Callista. The song itselt is very inspiring. When sung by those two amaing youngsters, it is awsome.
  12. Re: Reporter Abby Martin Illegally Detained At The DNC

    A political party is an organization. Churches, labor unions and Girl Scouts are other examples of organizations.

    Disrupting the legal proceedings of an organization are not freedom of speech...
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    "This report gives me the shivers.
    The Martix movie in action. Humans as batteries (energy sources).
    The transhumanism agenda disguised as solution for energy shortage."

    All technologies are...
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    Re: Scientology, Science for a Golden Age

    The father of Scientology leader David Miscavige told us why he left the church he calls a 'cult'
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    Sticky: Re: Up At The Ranch And Beyond

    I'll miss your contributions as I know many others will also.

    Blessings to you in whatever path you take going forward!

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    Re: Have anyone researched the Lions Clubs?

    I was a short term member. I was asked to go door to door to businesses in town requesting donations. I wanted to tell businesses how the money would be used; so, I asked the local club treasurer for...
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    Re: Magnet technology

    Polymagnet is located about 15 minutes from my home (7.1 miles). The Smarter Every Day video with over 2 million hits was great advertising for Polymagnet.
  18. Re: The story of Zana/ Zanya/ Zena: a female Alma (wild man), captured in ~1850 in Georgia

    Bryan Sykes claims that DNA test of Zana's progeny indicate African descent.

    Sykes seems to have respected reputation, but as with most scientist in the establishment, he was likely under...
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford Update, 22 February, 2016

    Fulford is amusing. He does include snippets of truth in his reports, but his interpretations of events are usually not even close to reality.
  20. Re: JFK Case Reopened? - Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

    The Commander of the USS Michigan, Trident Class Nuclear Powered Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine is Capt. Gustavo Gutierrez, from Miami, Florida. He is not a flag officer.

    Further research is...
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