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  1. Re: Vaccines, pharmaceutical industry, masks and more: a conversation between R.F. Kennedy Jr. and Theo Von

    And here is today's sickening news from the UK in which it becomes even more evident that Boris Johnson is a Big Pharma whore. They're planning for a massive rollout of the COVID19 jab in the UK,...
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    Re: Goodbye YouTube Party!

    There's also Brighton (from Mike Adams - the health ranger) at but I just went to the site a few minutes ago and it's down (500 server error). I hope they're OK.
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    Re: Coincidence Or A.I.?

    When I did a Google search for "michael keaton david chappelle" the following came up at the very top of the search results so if you were using google the two are already connected and the search...
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    Re: The Dirt on Daniel Andrews

    Dan has personally led four delegations to China over the years and his ministers have visited China 30 times. He is a covert communist through and through although he will only go on the public...
  5. Re: Letter to Trump from Archbishop Vigano with disturbing news

    I'm not a religious person but count myself as keenly dedicated to spirituality but this letter by Vigano is truly awesome. Conversely, it's tragic how many of our religious and spiritual leaders...
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    Re: The BDAnon post archive

    Putting aside the RF engineering aspects of this issue for a moment, I highly recommend this first hand account by Dan Eden of the horrific effects of ionospheric heaters (aka HAARP) on communities...
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    Re: What happened to Brian Rose?

    I hear you and all you say could be true. But what do you make of his YouTube comeback? That is the reason I started this thread. His YouTube ads are playing like a vengeance with me at YouTube...
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    Re: What's the 2020 October Surprise?

    More fear porn from the World Hell Organization; the organization that kicked-off global lockdowns by endorsing, without question, the original computer model numbers compiled by Ferguson's Imperial...
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    Re: What happened to Brian Rose?

    The fact that Brian has been de-platformed is a sure sign he's the real deal. (It would be pretty dumb to de-platform controlled opposition or a disinformation asset). His interview style is...
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    Re: My Upcoming Course in Astral Projection.

    I'm definitely in!
  11. Re: Covid vaccine and spiritual protection from choosing to 'take one for the team' so to speak ...

    I've also discussed this with a few people and I would say there are a couple of critical factors that determine how our body responds to medical interventions like vaccines:

    Core beliefs: I'm...
  12. Re: A World Pushing Back Against CV19 Lockdown: The Protests, The Revolts, The Non-Compliance

    I found this article extremely well written and researched. It's all about what the strategy is behind COVID. See what you think:

    COVID Psychological Stress Being Applied to Break Resistance to...
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    Re: Strategic Relocation

    You may have heard that here in Australia the police state has emerged in a big way, and that's true. We're fortunate in that we moved to the country a few years ago, about 1.5 hours from the East...
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    Re: Vaccine ingredients
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    Re: Kerry Cassidy and Charlie Freak

    HikerChick, I think you may have misinterpreted what Charlie said about Trump's trip to Europe. My understanding is that Trump went there to witness a test of what Charlie referred to as the...
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    Re: The BDAnon post archive

    He lost me when he started talking about the "virus" as a bio-weapon. It's not difficult to surmise that the Chinese deliberately spread the virus to do their part in kick starting the entire false...
  17. Re: Live Air-to-Air missile discovered at Florida airport near Tampa

    Looks like Natural News got a bit further in their investigation of this live missile:

    Now, our former military sources have conducted a deeper investigation into the possible deployment of this...
  18. Re: Beirut: Many dead after huge explosion in Lebanese capital

    Isreali Defense Minister instructs IDF to bomb Lebanese infrastructure on 31 July. Coincidence? ...
  19. Re: Beirut: Many dead after huge explosion in Lebanese capital

    Great find. It certainly looks like it's footage of the port explosion? You can clearly see the masive shockwave hit the camera a few seconds after the explosion which was a big part of the Beirut...
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    Re: If the satanic cult were ever to prevail...

    If they do prevail, I will not be coming back to this planet if I can help it. If we are conscious enough out of body, I'm hoping we can influence where we reincarnate. I'm not convinced it's all...
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