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  1. Re: Independent Nurse Practitioner's straight scoop on medicines

    We have all been SETUP by the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY"S
    DISPENSARY OF DEATH, DOCTORS: This is addressed specifically to Autumn W. and anyone else on PROZAC. Prozac is a (poison) constructed with...
  2. Re: President Trump's 2020 State of the Union Address

    Dear Satori and other readers of my above post: I viewed the above Video very very late at night without my magnifying glasses and assumed the movable magnifier would be sufficient. It was not. I...
  3. Re: Remote neural monitoring, neuro weapons, directed energy weapons, mind control

    Here is the reason, I believe, that those in Government charged with the power to stop the abovementioned abuses do not do so. First, according to the head of the FBI in Los Angeles, now dead,...
  4. Re: President Trump's 2020 State of the Union Address

    Alien implants in Heads of Important People: I have been watching, from time to time, important people who seem to have a small black tentacle pushing its way past the corner of the person's mouth,...
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    Re: A Secret Nuclear War is Happening Right Now!

    If all these calculations are made so difficult because of having to integrate them with the position of the sun, then we are really in for Global shake downs. I am adding these DOTS to the story...
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    Re: Amazing Documentaries

    It is now after 2 am and I have just finished looking at Mr. Dodds video about the banker's Foundations which he said were a plot to convert the US Government to a Communist one as it would be...
  7. Re: Professor of Entomology claims there are Insects living on Mars

    According to other information I have garnered on the Web over many years, the Germans had or have a large population in one or more cities on the surface of Mars. Mars may have an interior surface...
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    Re: An Unexpected Visitor

    We cannot go around killing everything that does not resemble us. We all owe life deep deference and respect, even to those which are wild and might use us as food. Our respect would be to keep out...
  9. Re: The Real X Files Are About To Go Public, Why Are So Many People Seeing UFOs?

    While there possibly are older civilizations in hiding from us all over the planet which have UFO type craft, the ones we are seeing so much of, I believe, belong to companies owned by corporations...
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    Re: Opinions on mammograms

    I have been using an HMO, Blue Cross medical insurance. If you refuse to touch Pharmaceutical Medications, which are designed to be deadly, in keeping with the Rockefeller plan to use his...
  11. Re: Emerging evidence humans are biological robots (xenobots)

    Giving this two more seconds of thought after watching the wonderful videos above and finding hope in the hearts of the geneticists for a better world, we should still be very cautious of the...
  12. Re: Emerging evidence humans are biological robots (xenobots)

    The zenobot, a meld of computer logic and known cellular capability, like any other organism can be built out to what the mind sees as a desirable end; however, in today's world of military conflict,...
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    Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus [COVID-19]

    When I read of this I immediately thought of Bill Ryan's post about the Anglo Saxon Agenda. which in addition to pandemic population control would account for the Ghost Cities of China, all ready and...
  14. Re: Old Videos/information that have become more true and significant over time

    Something has been done to the Sun either by taking something out of it or more likely by PUTTING SOMETHING INTO IT. The Rothschilds, the Germans and the Reptilians are all cozy on the Moon and by...
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    Re: Fenbendazole protocol for Cancer

    i I have read in the past that experts in the area of Cancer say that it is caused by WORMS. A systemic wormer is best. This means that the worms are all over the body and not necessarily confined...
  16. Re: Possible parasite problems: Has anyone used a (Don Croft Terminator) zapper successfully?

    Here is the big worm killer it is albendizol and may require a prescription in the usa. In the caribbean worm killers can be obtained without prescription. Try albendizol along with everything...
  17. Re: The Sandy Hook trial of the century needs an attorney

    I have just completed viewing Mr. Fetzer's videos. Criminals appear to be occupying the judiciary, the world of physicians, the political positions, and on and on. I could say more, but I have...
  18. Re: The Sandy Hook trial of the century needs an attorney

    I have not on this occasion read all the above evidence. However, I just wanted to say that I remember the story of the shooting and the mentally ill boy who supposedly did it, etc,. Then, some...
  19. Re: USAF Secretary & Congressman want to Declassify Secret Space Programs

    The UFO SCAM was devised by the Nazis who own and control the companies which have engineered the UFO's. The Nazi mentality is painfully obvious to me even on the County level of government by many...
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    Re: John - Incredible New Whistleblower

    I have a question. If this WORD frequency is piggybacked onto 5G which penetrates everyone and everything, how will the rulers who are using it against people escape its effects? Is there SOUND...
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