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    Re: Dan Aykroyd on UFOs

    video in OP ( Opening Post ) is no longer working here on yt ( youtube )
    can anyone find a working link ?
    Thank you all anyway, or was it how ...
    ( both is possible and often preferred : )

  2. Re: Jeffrey E. Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking by fed [6th July, 2019].

    - of(f) course everything is a coin-sidence , but had to think of
    this thread and topic when watching a criminal soap-opera on tv ...
    Series is " Castle " and episode 1 seson 5 (2012) resonates...
  3. Re: Aliens Among Us...A Thread for Personal Experiences

    I sometimes feel like an alien in my own life ...
    - does that count ?
    :- )

    and be well, all .
  4. Re: The real Jesus, the real Mary, Gnosis, the Archons, and the world's first major smear campaign

    It is very likely that "jesus" wandered into Asia Europe India
    and more, and received and gave to all those old traditions.
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    Re: Dalai Lama is "personification of evil"

    Buddhism can also be misused, like any religion and system of thought
    for some to take power, for their own sake. They do not understand that
    everything is allways here for us, and ultimately there...
  6. Re: Dr Judy Wood: Most comprehensive research on what happened to the buildings on 9/11

    here is the picture of the woman in the tower
    proving there was no temperature from flames
    bringing the buildings down :

    and photo


  7. Re: 9/11 tribute: Sharing a Painting I did titled "First Responders"

    9/11 is also the modern story of how a false illusion is made
    and the first responders were sacrificed for the cause ..
    They made statements of explotions in the buildings .
    Who listen to that now...
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    Re: Zetas are infected

    what affects our minds
    is equaly important to what
    effects our bodies .
    - be well, all .
  9. Re: "World in Peril" - Kenneth White - Crustal Displacement Disclosure

    This our world have allways been at danger and in perilll, that is a sideaffect of living in this universe, multiverse, egoverse ...
    Nice, when it workse .....
  10. Re: Notre-Dame cathedral: Firefighters tackle blaze in Paris

    This seem to be a result of lack in security and firesafety
    from those renovating the Cathedral structure.
    Maybe now the building can be properly refurbished ..

  11. Re: Reasons to Legalize Hemp, Cannabis, & CBD Internationally

    - Good thread and topic.
    Thank you to all posting different interesting views and information here.
    It is a bit backwards that we actualy have to find reasons and argue for the
    use of a natural...
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    Re: Which program to download YouTube videos?

    - old post deleted. tech move fast and suddenly our trusted
    gadgets are outdated, from updates and connectivity to D net.

    - be well, all .
  13. Re: Canada Second Nation to Decriminalize Marijuana After Uruguay

    - Congratulatons to Canada !
    You are now another civilized nation for legalizing the nature.
    Uruguay also is here, and Portugal, Netherland and some other
    european (and world) countries, and some...
  14. Re: The Black Knight satellite: your views and forum knowledge.

    - thank you for some differently grounded replies.

    In a dream before this thread I was holding a
    black Knight ( chesspiece ) in a mystic setting.
    And then made a search for "black knight" on the...
  15. The Black Knight satellite: your views and forum knowledge.


    - Been wondering last days/nights of this phenomenon.

    The Black Knight . ( open to diverse interpretation )

    Here a few links and sources :

    Black Knight satellite conspiracy theory
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    Re: Has the wave begun?

    - me think short answer is yes ..
    - The Wave, a wave ...
    It has probably been going on and on
    for a long time, even forever . . . ,
    We are here and now, somehow ,
    maybe in tune, with what have...
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    Re: Slow TV: trainrides in Norway...

    How slow can it get, minute by minute ..
    We are waiting for rocks to fall here .... soon ..
    It is called "Mannen" ( the man ) and is a big piece
    of a local mountain, hanging over the community,...
  18. A real Punch and Judy show ( comment to international politics ?)

    - Some educational violence for kids from 1948, presented by : Santa !

    Santa Claus, Punch & Judy (1948) Violent Puppet Show
    ( found this rather...
  19. Re: I can't believe it - another failed "end of the world" prediction???

    - we can pretend, but nobody knows ( for certain )

    Only G.d knows, or maybe even he do not want to ....

    Be the guardian and leader of your own life, person and more ...

    :- )
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    Re: Slow TV: trainrides in Norway...

    - more from Norsk RiksKringkasting , NRK :

    More ekstreme and unpredictable weathers lately.
    There is a climate change, chaos, confusion, call it whatever ...

    Here a reportage including an hour...
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