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  1. Re: Alex Collier - Third LIVE Webinar - 23rd October 2015

    If you scroll down you will see this message:'A replay will be available for those who cannot attend.'

    Check the site in a few days. This is what I did for the last webinar and I guess I'll have...
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    Re: Anomalies in The Ruiner's material

    Thought on Fire: That's an interesting concept. Shane's writing style and content seem to give that impression. Our human origin is lost in the mists (myths) of time and you are supposed to find...
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    Re: Anomalies in The Ruiner's material

    An element of foreshadowing in Cassandra’s second letter:

    Shane’s blog was never a disclosure project nor was it directed to a general...
  4. Thread: My Husband

    by sunflower

    Re: My Husband

    Selinam, positive thoughts and prayers for your husband's successful surgery and your well being. God bless.
  5. Re: The Mandela Effect and alternative timelines

    What an interesting thread! This is what I have remembered. Jane Goodall never died. As of 2014, she was still alive at the age of 80.

    But Dian Fossey died at the age of 85. She was allegedly...
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    Thanks for sharing. Will be downloading it in a few minutes. I also appreciated getting the Kobo version.
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    It is quite likely that this site posts "hoax' news. The VATICAN is always circumspect in the way that it releases information. It would never release important news in this manner.

    Also three...
  8. Re: Shane/The Ruiner's interview with Kerry Cassidy, 8 Sept 2015

    Thanks, Running Deer. Much anticipated and appreciated.
  9. Re: The Mandela Effect and alternative timelines

    I don't have any specific memory of time shifts that I can personally recall. However, I do remember reading about this incident years ago on StarFire Tor's yahoo group list.

  10. Re: The Blog of The Ruiner - Inside the Illuminati Mind

    I first heard about loosh from one of Robert Monroe's books. He described Earth as a predator world and went into detail how and why we were created. Basically to generate loosh for our creators....
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    Re: Wes Penre's levels of learning


    Interesting yet somewhat cryptic post from Sirius White. It will be interesting to see Wes Penre's reply.

    I do hope you will give us more information in the very near future for us to...
  12. Re: A final farewell to the Misty Project Avalon from one who has severed his head

    Hi Bright, I have always read your posts on Avalon. Lots to think about and a ring of truth which I might not always want to acknowledge. I am getting there however! I do hope you will reconsider....
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    Re: Tar Blobs on Southern California Beaches

    I remember seeing and stepping on oily tar deposits on a beach in Nice years ago.
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    Re: Earth's water appreciated by ETs?

    Jacques Vallee in "Passport to Magnolia" mentions a similar story. I couldn't find the specific details in my e-book copy so this is what I remember from reading the book several years ago:

  15. Re: 97 published research papers support vaccine/autism link

    Ditto.... especially since I've read recently that one out of sixty children are affected. Scary. And we are watching our grandson for signs...he was born with a very large head. His parents were...
  16. Re: Mark Richards and Ben Fulford Agree That US Dollar Backed By Gold

    Unlimited gold available in outer space?

    I found this on Scott C. Waring’s site:
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford, 12 January 2015

    I am wondering whether Benjamin read the comments following the VT article.
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    Sticky: Re: Interesting Free Books in PDF

    Hi Genevieve, thanks for letting me know that the link in my post didn't work. Try the above in my edited post. And if that doesn't work PM me with an e-mail address and I will send it from my...
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    Sticky: Re: Interesting Free Books in PDF

    What really happened at the Battle of the Boyne?

    You can download the book 'Ireland, Land Of The Pharaohs' of Andrew Power as an PDF here:
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    Re: Tsunami 10 years ago today...

    [QUOTE=Cardillac;916669]just a personal anecdote (if anyone has interest), two long-term friends of mine (Gunnar: a German; Jean: a Haitian; yes, they're a gay couple-) were ten yrs. ago on one of...
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