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    Re: Is JFK Jr Still Alive?

    If this data has been mentioned already in this thread, I apologize. I just did not have the time to scroll through 18 screens. Sorry :o
    If anyone follows twitter they may know of the psychic called...
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    Re: The True Roots Of Communism: A Satanic Cult

    Excellent research. I have just finished reading Fritz Springmeier's book called Bloodlines and all this data is in there. Took massive notes so I was up on what you posted. Child sacrifice has...
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    Re: Skeptics of Avalon: Why are you here?

    Like many of us who research material as pure as we can get it, I also land here from time to time to extrapolate golden nuggets. If I reply to a thread it is because I also have some golden nuggets...
  4. Re: What is the Likely Outcome after the 2020 US Election?

    At the risk of sounding biased, I am almost certain there will be a shift toward a republic of states. Long ago if you remember, there were visionaries that projected that America would be split into...
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    Re: Schizophrenia is witchcraft

    My first assignment as a student nurse in psych rotation was to be saddled with a 15 yr old female schizophrenic. Because I had no experience it became a harrowing adventure to communicate with her....
  6. Re: Our most poignant songs for 2020: Let's share!


    The Sea
    Sunrays touch the coastline
    On the cutter shows the dust
    Long nights are gone with the river
    The water has been waiting long enough
    We float on the river of time...
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    Re: Alien abduction and screen memory

    I believe that any true familial group that is not self serving is not anywhere near here but in distant worlds. The groups that hover over earth, or live underground earth are territorial and...
  8. Re: NOT A DRILL, Youtube May Be Shutting Down My Channels With New Restrictions!

    Censorship is appalling. It is everywhere. People who have really nothing to say have their twitter followings wiped out. Suspension is fair game on FB, Instagram. I have found some credible,...
  9. Re: France: Horses killed in mysterious ritual-like mutilations

    Those who have posted have done some interesting research. I simply have my own theory. This was ritualistic and I do not believe off planet. There is however, off planet alien technology that can do...
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    Re: Medical training, where does it come from?

    We were able to find data on the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. It was a design certainly from the Cabal think tanks. The American troops were given every stinking vaccine [yes they had them then]...
  11. Re: Shumann Frequency? Flatlined? [Mods note: no, the recorder was offline]

    I noticed this on twitter this morning from Qtah. My husband looked at it and felt there was a huge spike going reverse after the straight line. Qtah had these thoughts: that a timeline was changed...
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    Re: What's the 2020 October Surprise?

    Here is no surprise:
    We have some astrological influences coming up:
    Positive: Mercury goes into Libra ( balance and peacekeeping) Sept 5, Venus goes into Leo Sept 6 then Virgo on Oct. 2, Jupiter...
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    Re: Extraterrestrial altruism

    They say that Ron Amitron from the Creation Lightship ( did not know of him until recently ) who has since left this earth, would say that we were infested with an alien mind and we needed to command...
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    Re: What Michael Jackson knew and wanted to do

    Thank you BoR for expressing in this post what I have always wondered about.

    Recently I watched a serious video that also adamantly refuted MJ created persona as a freak and that he did not die...
  15. Re: Covid 19, possible alternatives to the upcoming vaccines.

    If you can find a natural supplement with the ingredient hydroxyquinolone you have what you need. It is without the chlor which is chlorine and you do not need toxic 'bleach' in your system. There is...
  16. Re: If you think you can handle the Truth, well here it is ... Max Igan

    I see souls that follow and souls that lead. The souls that lead don't give an F about how they present. They just lead and think for themselves and by example people are enamored by them and align....
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    Re: SHADOWGATE published, Millie Weaver arrested

    Brilliant journalism. We stayed up past midnight last night devouring every word. A lot to process and follow the connections but she does a pretty good job towards the end of repeating the...
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    Re: What's the 2020 October Surprise?

    Two things about October.
    Jordan Maxwell recently mentioned something big is going to happen then.
    Robert David Steele, former CIA ops, said in a video yesterday that he was told John F Kennedy Jr...
  19. Re: Beirut: Many dead after huge explosion in Lebanese capital

    Thanks Moss Trooper for posting this. I went through 8 pages to see if anyone found the underground tunnels. This was all over the internet and now I will throw a monkey wrench into the mix. I felt...
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    Re: Food shortages soon?

    Coming from CA I am spoiled rotten. I have always had a treasure trove of good healthy looking produce and full shelves. However, in the rural area of Tennessee now in my retirement years, I am hard...
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