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    Re: Israel Closes all Embassies World Wide!

    well, as far as the strike the goes it's quite believable, there have been a lot of worker/union, most of which have not been resolved and the strikes persist. I was in Israel a few months ago and...
  2. Re: A Message For The Newbies (Guests) included...

    "I demand a third pill. A pill in which I know that the reality in front of me is an illusion but I enjoy it anyways."-zizek
  3. Re: The "Hitler" Speech They (Don't) Want You To Hear..!

    Goebbels would be proud of you all. All this thread has proven is that he was good at his job.[COLOR="red"]
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    Re: How to reduce the human population ???

    The idea that the Earth is over populated and that problems are arising because of it are perpetuated by two kinds of people:
    1.People who believe bull**** told to them by those in power who like to...
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    Re: Sitting in the hospital (Brian has left us)

    Brian was one of the most genuinely nice people I've ever known. He was always pleasant to talk to and was always interested in what other people had to say. Brain was a good friend in every way. Not...
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    Re: Strange Spritual Energy

    Funny enough, I woke up today feeling better than I have the past few days.
  7. Iraq War Just Not For Oil (New Leaked Pictures)

    Oil isn't the only spoil of war that Iraq is giving the capitalist imperialist forces that invaded, it appears that the United States is smuggling tons of GOLD

    Leaked photos below
  8. Re: Intense Regression Experience I'd Like To Share

    They were not. They basically looked like large gorillas with hour glass shaped heads, glowing white eyes, and their body coloring was all black except their backs which were a bright green.

  9. Re: Intense Regression Experience I'd Like To Share

    No, this regression session only took place a few days ago.
  10. Intense Regression Experience I'd Like To Share

    Lately, I've been having flashes of memories from when I was a child. Mainly one of two very weird looking gorilla things in my house(which after some pressing got my father to admit he'd seen too)...
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    Re: Especially for women...

    How about nipple tassels? I wear them all the time, I certainly don't want my nips falling off.
  12. Re: 'Capitalist tyrants shouldn't lead a state, people should' - Correa (RT EXCLUSIVE)

    Correa is a good guy. But he, and other "democratic socialists", which is to say those who want socialism through reform are only going to be able to do so much. The most they'll reach is a nice...
  13. Re: "Monsanto Protection Act' to be voted on by Congress

    Monsanto is not going to go away because the government says so. Not that the government ever would. The government in a capitalist society basically acts as the executive branch of the upper most...
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    Re: Judge stops Nanny Bloomberg's soda ban!

    This just goes to show that in capitalist society, consumerism=freedom
  15. Re: Alien Mummies Revealed On The Science Channel: Hoax Or Reality?

    A hoax representing a reality
  16. Re: I had a very intense experience that I'd like to share with you all

    Thank you all for the input. You've given me some things to consider about the event.
  17. I had a very intense experience that I'd like to share with you all

    I was at a friends house and began to feel very strange so I left and on the way home I had a very intense experience.

    I became so over whelmed by emotion and feelings of love that I just began...
  18. Re: Humans unable to destroy celestial bodies coming from space

    As someone who believes that various countries/organizations have starships and what not, I believe that the tech to destroy such things do exist and that the recent meteors were simply deemed...
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    Re: Have you dreamed of this person?

    I'm quite sure he's been in my dreams a handful of times. Two I remember quite well. One time he was a physics teacher and the other time he was driving me and some friends in limo in space.
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    Re: US always to blame?

    The United States as a state serves as the executive branch for the capitalist class. Every CIA coup and almost every war the US has been involved in has been to aid the capitalist class and allow...
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