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    Re: Day 9 on IV in Hospital

    Healing thoughts and prayers for you, Scotslad. Thank you for letting us know. Diane
  2. Re: What's wrong with me? I've shunned all fear porn about the killer virus

    Chris, I am sorry to see this posted here, even to say it is fear porn. Why take up so much space for fear porn. I am appalled by it. Diane
  3. Re: Constance's Empowerment Portal - Share Your Inspirations Here

    I had to look up! Thanks. Diane
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    Re: Reconnecting with alienated friends and family

    I have a thought about someone dying while in the midst of an alienating episode of some kind - harsh words, for example, between two friends. It reminds me of the Catholic church saying, decades...
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    Re: Jon Rappoport on the Covid Hoax

    Onawah, Good idea. I first need to learn how to start a thread....Diane
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    Re: Jon Rappoport on the Covid Hoax

    I read this excellent reporting, and I have kept up reasonably well since the beginning of this COVID mess, and I feel so horrified by what is happening and my inability to do anything about it. I...
  7. Re: Help me decide my treatment (3 July update: sadly, Warren Light has now passed)

    I think it must have meant very much to Warren to spend that time with you, Bill, when he was alert, to be reassured of ongoing life and future joys. Yay, Pippin!! Can you even imagine all that...
  8. Re: Really bizarre things are happening all over the globe

    Helps put things into perspective, although, of course, not lessening the devastation and suffering. Still good to know. Diane
  9. Re: Help me decide my treatment (3 July update: sadly, Warren Light has now passed)

    I have thought of you so often, Warren. I have felt your striving to give of your talents and energy and I wish you the gentlest of transitions to peace and knowing and joy. Diane
  10. Re: Sex Is Now Illegal In The UK Between People Who Don't Live Together

    Isnít the point here that 2 or more people from different households canít ignore social distancing by being in the same house if they hadnít previously been living together? The headline could also...
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    Re: Beautiful Nature pics

    Dear Anka, That injury must have been devastating...I am so sorry to hear about it. Your photos are breathtaking...there is one that ďhas it allĒ to me. Water, mountains, trees, sky, an earthen...
  12. Re: The murder of George Floyd in police hands, Minneapolis, 25 May 2020

    Luke, Collateral circulation established over time? Diane
  13. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Bill, Now that some time has passed with the COVID issue, the numbers are being seen more clearly, the etiology has been more researched, the social response has been critiqued, to mention just a...
  14. Re: White House petition : summon Judy Mikovits to testify before congress against Fauci & Gates

    Mine took several hours. Diane
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    OMG, Graybeard! Thank you so much for this post. I am going to check it out, when did this come down? Diane
  16. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Oh my goodness, indeed!!!
  17. Re: Covid19: Don't trust the statistics (or the science re the tests/the cause of the sickness)

    I have read at least once about the possibility that those who received the flu shot this year had a 37% greater chance of getting COVID. Has anyone else seen anything along these lines? There was...
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    Re: Covid19: Cui Bono? Is there an agenda?

    I have mentioned this on other threads, but it bears mentioning in this discussion about vaccine safety. 2 1/2 years ago my husband received the flu vaccine for 2017. He noted some minor...
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    Re: Do you wear a face mask?

    Sounds like another attempt at division to me. I donít consider myself either party. I live outside Detroit, where COVID #ís, fake or not, are high. There are apparently real people dying, as far...
  20. Re: Trump administration will sign order temporarily banning ALL immigration to the US

    Hi praxis, I know itís not required, certainly an option, but I always wonder why members choose not to tell us where they live, as in your case. It might shed some light on your OP. wondering.
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