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  1. Re: Weird, wild weather: floods, freak storms, giant hail, record lows, all over the world

    Hey guys,

    I have not seen this posted anywhere so i will place it on this thread and you guys can disect it and send it where it might need to go.
    days ago the earth was classified in turmoil by...
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    Re: Twenty Questions?

    Hi wnlight,

    Are you asking for us to generate 20 yes no questions for you to consider one lot to answer on behalf of the forum?

    If so i think that sounds like a great idea.

  3. Re: Strange creature also seen at the space shuttle

    Hi UFO,

    Did this apparition also look like it had wings that were flapping like a bird. I have seen a similar apparitions right in front of my home one night (4 years ago) about 20 metres in the...
  4. Re: World-Wide City Population Changes by End of 2019

    Hi Warren,

    Thank you for starting this thread. I have had so many dreams and visions regarding tsunamis and flooding over the years that i believe it is going to happen in my lifetime. I survived...
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill Ryan

    A very Happy Birthday to you mate. Enjoy your climb in those beautiful Mountains.
  6. Re: Tsunami alert for west coast of U.S.! (23 Jan 2018)

    10 metre wave detected on buoy in close proximity to the Quake
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    Re: SpaceX Falcon 9 launch over L.A.

    It was a shuttle taking satellites into orbit. Amazing sight to see. This could well be used for Project Bluebeam.

    I wonder how many people thought this to be alien spacecraft straight up and what...
  8. Re: The Mandela Effect. Is this CERN? Project Pegasus? The Montauk Project? The Philadelphia Experiment?

    Those holes in the skull have blown me away. you would think with looking into the Mandela effect i would have picked up on that long ago. but i don't remember them. Amazing stuff.. who knows
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    Re: Intuition Test

    Yep i totally agree.. it would be made to make everyone feel like they have a sort of sixth sense..
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    Re: Intuition Test

    51.6 for me.. :) I did the same thing as atlas. looked at the pictures intensely for a couple of seconds then clicked the button i thought was right
  11. Thread: Vault 7

    by bennycog

    Re: Vault 7

    Going back to the encrypted photo, it seems 353 was a number that was placed there as a means to make sure all this follows through.

    because not only is 353 the country calling code for Ireland :)...
  12. Re: 'Maybe' our one chance to save America, and the world.

    Yes that is correct make sure you check your spam mail.. Only 1039 signatures showing up when i just checked :( If i put this out to any of my friends i will only get ridicule or have to explain for...
  13. Re: 'Maybe' our one chance to save America, and the world.

    and signed :)
  14. Re: De Niro & Kennedy To 'Spill Beans' On Mercury/Vaccines?

    So are De Niro and Trump on the same wavelength with this? because it seems they are, but De Niro is also very anti Trump.

    Talk about fighting the same battle but on different sides......
  15. Re: Oroville Dam... (California, Spring 2017 - current)

    For those that have nothing to do and would like to sit back and watch. this is supposedly a live stream of coverage..

    Well obviously not live... another storm is supposedly due tomorrow...
  16. Re: Epic Reddit Thread about the Clinton Foundation

    I can get from my end of OZ 7alon..
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    Re: How old are you?

    38 years young today :) ;P
  18. Thread: Mental health

    by bennycog

    Re: Mental health

    Thank you for the replies :)

    It is important to me to try help any people that i can with without it affecting me or my family of course. Because the the part you have to juggle the most is your...
  19. Thread: Mental health

    by bennycog

    Mental health
  20. Re: Pizzagate: pedophilia in American elite (with links to related threads)

    Good question Lucidity :) and it is a hard hitting very emotional one to a lot of people i would imagine.

    I was abused as a child (not sexually) but mentally and physically on a huge scale.. too...
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