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  1. Re: Any reports on extraterrestrial art and music?

    I am only aware of one instance of 'alien' music being described... that as described in "Thiaoouba Prophecy"

    I don't know that I can call it...
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    Re: Putting the Puzzle Together

    I'm just going to put this item 'out there' for all to peruse. I do feel that is of import at this time. Certainly, I may be wrong... but I don't think so. If such an event should happen, it will...
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    Re: Tesla vs. Einstein

    I always liked this Einsteinian quote;

    When asked how it felt to be called the 'smartest man on Earth', Einstein is reported to have answered:
    "I don't know... you'll have to ask Nicola Tesla."...
  4. Re: Is it possible bad entities can hijack your soul when you die?

    According to 'Seth'... "the individual/soul/entity is INVIOLATE".. i.e; cannot be interfered with. The caveat being: You create your Reality by your Beliefs and Expectations. If one Believes there...
  5. Re: Dark Journalist: Douglas Caddy - JFK Killed Over The Alien Presence

    Bill Cooper disclosed this information in 1985. In this video, he presents a number of facts surrounding the 'alien question', and at about 1hr 12min, discusses the reason, as stated in by the OP,...
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    Re: Not Happy With Smartphone....

    I got rid of my cell phone in 2012... best thing I ever did.


    In Unity, Peace and Love
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    Re: Is Keshe an incarnation of Einstein?

    Aurelius is quite right - avoid putting Einstein on a pedestal... at all costs.

    (and anyone else, for that matter)

    Just the same, I find a particular Einstein quote quite 'Illuminating'.
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    Re: Will we ever have a theory of everything?

    How can one have a 'Theory of Everything', when the 'Everything' (the Universe, or All That Is) is in an INFINITE state of Creation?

    No Beginning and No End.

    More to the point, what if WE are...
  9. Re: My new theory of gravity, what it is and how you obtain anti-gravity

    OP... and anyone else, for that matter, may wish to review/visit the following items and videos regarding the nature of that which we call 'gravity'.
    A 'definitive' dissertation on...
  10. Global March Against Chemtrails & Geoengineering

    For all who are interested in taking a stand. Pretty much self-explanatory...

    I know there's one near me, so I'll be attending, once the time & place are announced.
  11. Re: 7 Apr 2015 - The Solar System and Beyond is Awash in Water

    Glad to hear some people are 'catching up'.... note the upload date...

    In Unity, Peace and Love
  12. Re: After Being Dead For Almost An Hour, Priest Says God Is A Woman (errr... sorry folks... it's a hoax)

    Paula... thank you so much for taking the time. Just the same, the item I'm referring to was sometime in early February, 2011, just after I joined. I was able to find a few posts from late February...
  13. Re: After Being Dead For Almost An Hour, Priest Says God Is A Woman (errr... sorry folks... it's a hoax)

    My very first posting here on PA was a response to 'Charles', in reference to the statement he made saying that everything to come revolves about the Women... or something to that effect (note; it...
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    Re: Atlantis off the Americas

    All there IS, is Consciousness. Consciousness manipulates the energy of the All That Is into multitudinous forms for the purpose of Experience in the development of it's creative talents.

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    Re: Atlantis off the Americas

    For any examination of Earth's 'history', one needs to include Thiaoouba Prophecy...

    It will help fill in many of the narratives offered...
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    Re: The Boy Who Lived Before...

    For those so inclined, there is a great deal of information on this subject in most of the 'Seth' books by Jane Roberts, but particularly so in "Seth Speaks", and which validates the experience of...
  17. Re: How the Zionist / Illuminati Manipulated the 6 million Figure

    It must be noted that - somewhere - I downloaded the official Red Cross documentation of what they found after the war (WW2) was over... the Total number of deceased (in the camps) was a bit over...
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    Re: The American FED is your friend

    So as to educate oneself, please see the attached video... The Creature from Jekyll Island -m G. Edward Griffin


    Some words by Woodrow Wilson, after signing the FED into existence...
  19. Re: The end the Fed movement is a major, long term, well financed psyop.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Snowflower in this...

    According to the Thiaooubans, the greatest danger to humans is not physical death. The greatest dangers on Earth, in order of importance, are as...
  20. Re: Jeff Gates - How the Israel Lobby Took Control of U.S. Foreign Policy and Public Opinion

    Just listened to the entire interview. An EXCELLENT one at that. The author, Jeff Gates, is an extremely articulate interviewee, and covers a lot of ground pertinent to the manipulation of popular...
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