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  1. Re: What is your health protocol, and how do you rate your health?

    1. Plant-based nutrition and eventually a raw vegan one is necessary. Especially during these times that the planet's energy is much subtler and sensitive. The spiritual and energetic consequences of...
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    Re: Preparing for an Alien Invasion?

    For millenia, before mass communication and especially the internet, it was easy to manipulate societies through raw fear, violence, religion etc.. It was simple to create wars by creating "evil"...
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    Re: Thought-Provoking Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes

    More like thought-silencing :sun:
  4. Re: Notre-Dame cathedral: Firefighters tackle blaze in Paris

    A ritual as I mentioned. Davic Icke seems to agree. Events like this, which tend to traumatize and affect emotionally most of humanity, are a classic way to produce shock and sadness in order for...
  5. Re: Notre-Dame cathedral: Firefighters tackle blaze in Paris

    Very interesting. Probably some kind of illuminati ritual.
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    Re: Hold onto your hats....

    Everything has changed. It was all true. But on an inner level. It's there, waiting for everyone to catch up.
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    Re: Do you believe in Twin flames?

    There is indeed a lot of misinformation about the topic, mainly because humans are a very emotionally attached species and tend to project all their traumas in utopic relationships. Twin flames...
  8. Re: Gregg Braden - Raising Human Consciousness -

    When "gurus" become too polished with hair gel and cool modern jackets, something doesn't feel right.
  9. Re: If not already, is the world going incrementally insane by the hour ?

    The level of mental/emotional noise in the world is unprecedented at the time, because of technology. For example, you have already transmitted the energy of your small tantrum to hundreds...
  10. Re: Gaia TV: Ancient Aliens, the Demiurge, and more

    *Clicks link with interest
    *Sees David Wilcock on the youtube image cover which discredits pretty much everything
    *Closes the tab in two seconds
  11. Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    And that's how the human mind takes deep truths, analyzes, rationalizes, boxifies, puts them into bullets, loses touch with the heart where our center is and universal evolution and enlightenment...
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    Re: When will 'ascension' happen?

    Ascension has already happened and is still happening. It's an inner process of being in a state of unconditional love and unity with everything (5d). Some people can feel it, others can't because...
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    Sticky: Re: Dutchsinse's Earthquake Reports and Forecasts

    "The Earth Has Been Hit by 144 Major Earthquakes in the Last Week And No One Is Talking About It"
  14. Re: A New Method For Having Lucid Dreams Has Been Discovered by Scientists

    The generalization "by scientists" is always unreliable and most likely click bait.
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    Re: New Series - 'Impulse'

    Oh cool. First snapshot shows a human in distress. That's new and inspiring.

    /sarcastic font off
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    Re: Switching timelines, evidence

    Our world can't change without us changing on the inside. So some kind of daily spiritual practice is mandatory.[/QUOTE]

    Exactly. That's why we often need shocking external events. Because we lack...
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    Re: Switching timelines, evidence

    To be honest, I feel the exact opposite is happening. Every time the world is ready to wake up, something is changing and we stay in unconscious mediocrity. The 70s, 2012, nowadays etc..

    The fact...
  18. Re: NASA 'major' announcement on Mars discovery (7 June, 2018)

    The question is: if this is disclosure, are the aliens allowed to have a team in the football World Cup which starts next week in Russia?
  19. Re: Is having children a crime against humanity?

    Existential questions cannot be answered by the mind. It's not the mind's role to do that. They can only be answered by the Heart.
  20. Re: Starting game technology and simulation education this fall, and would like to incorporate these topics in video games

    If you really want to make something progressive, modern, evolutionary etc. that matches the frequency that humanity is heading right now, then my advice is the following. Try to ignore the good vs...
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