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    I agree with Justintime and Sunny Side up.

    We faked it as an insurance policy in case something went wrong.

    We still cannot get past the Van Allen belt as NASA freely admits they "lost" that...
  2. Re: The Giants: The Nephilim Antediluvian Civilization

    I have just finished listening.

    This "video" uploaded has blatantly ripped the lecture of another content creator and placed it into their own video with grossly irrelevant graphics that would...
  3. Re: The Giants: The Nephilim Antediluvian Civilization

    @ Comk. it seems that if we grow to great heights "naturally" we function well...if it is causeds by disease like gigantism or thyroid or other glandular issues....the organs and skeleton does not...
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    Re: Rauni Leena Luukanen Kilde

    She waas also Minister of Health for her country for a time!
  5. Re: A possible example of Chinese backdoor obsolescence

    I am planning on purchasing another vehicle.....I want a pre 80's ( preferably) "no tech" diesel car....that may be I could fix myself.
    Today's vehicles are so entrenched with electronics and...
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    Re: "UNIDENTIFIED" - Please Do Tell Us About It.

    Thanks for the ink....seems like a subtle infomercial for TTSA...... trying VERY hard to establish credibility.
  7. Re: Internet Issues.........pls chime in with your experiences tonight

    hmmmmmm AutumnW....but I have a direct fibre connection, so I expect that perhaps you are saying that our local servers ( am sure there is a better word) just may be's not the...
  8. Re: Internet Issues.........pls chime in with your experiences tonight

    Thanks for the advice everyone!
    Today firefox refused to play 3/4 youtube videos. Just an Icon spinning around. Even copying the URL and going directly to youtube did not seem to help.
    I checked...
  9. Re: Internet Issues.........pls chime in with your experiences tonight

    Thank you for the link......powerful video, very well informed!
  10. Internet Issues.........pls chime in with your experiences tonight

    I am really having problems connecting to many alt Forums, Youtube sites run by alt media, Even Facebook videos or content that are presenting issues or concerns in "real time"....Yellow Vests, Iran,...
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    Re: Failure to Thrive Toddler Solutions

    Very much agree with DNA children with vaccine damage often have truly terrible digestive and nutrient absorption issues. He may not tolerate dairy very well.
    The GAPS diet is quite good for this. ...
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    Re: Hemp/Cannabis and all about it

    My understanding is that plant medicines are best used with guidance from wisdom keepers, they are not to be "played" with. They are not "recreational".
    It is called "drug abuse" for a...
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    David's original work was quite interesting.....and I tended to view him as a collector and presenter of data points.....a synthesis of other's theories that may not be very accessible to others....
  14. Re: A Cancer Cure Has Gotten Out Of Control And Has Spread Beyond The Confines Of Modern Medicine

    oddly I shared this research on my Facebook......nearly instantly deleted as "fake news" and deleted by FB........
  15. Re: "Dr" Pete Peterson, David Wilcock and the gofundme scandal

    Excellent research and analysis! Thank you for the tremendous effort!
    You have taken everything I have suspected, put it all together and articulated it expertly.
  16. Re: What Has Happened To The "Faces Of Avalon" YouTube Channel?

    could be as simple if Ilie Pandia closed their account here and also closed their email account associated with you tube I.E. a Google account the channel just automatically closed?
  17. Re: Why do we use username aliases on social media?

    Bill most kids actually have a gaming handle they go by, think like long haul truckers and ham radio people have a handle on the radio, instead of their real name when gaming. I do and it is...
  18. Re: Psoriasis - Alternative treatment with garlic

    Thank You Petra for starting this thread.....indeed almost everything I have read indicates garlic is a very powerful blood cleanser......but it must not be Garlic from China and much of it is!
  19. Re: Simultaneous Sri Lankan Terrorist Attacks - Explosions Hit Churches & Hotels

    No coup, just terrorism I expect.....
  20. Thread: Church of MMS?

    by CurEus

    Re: Church of MMS?

    It is just fear mongering and propaganda from media. CBC Canada ( Our version of BBC) runs hit pieces a few times a year.....MMS will neutralise many pathogens and pesticides. IF taken correctly.
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