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    Re: Global First Contact of God

    I too believe in a 'preparation'. The one I have been practicing is Steps to Knowledge. Its purpose is to re-connect us to God within. They call it Knowledge, you can call it Spirit, Deeper Mind, God...
  2. Re: Mark Passio RIR New Age Pacification vs. Self-Preservation

    Good talk, thankyou Referee, IMO an effort to create 'disarmed slaves', as described here, is present in the New Age pacification program.
  3. Re: 'What is Alien imposition?' - A live interactive roundtable - Rise Multiversity

    Thankyou Limor,
    just thought I'd 'bump' it since it's coming up (Saturday) in case someone missed it :bump:

    " do we access our authentic inner-presence?..." good question...
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    Re: The rising Babel of ET disinfo

    I have experienced the same situation except it was overt control. When it is overt it can get hairy as they have taken control of my body and deleted posts before, they torture etc. She was being...
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    Re: The rising Babel of ET disinfo

    Thankyou for your contribution, Gardner, I agree with what you say about our beingness to guide us, like S-L said also:
    "Spirit. Spirit is the greatest power in the universe. It cannot be altered,...
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    Re: The rising Babel of ET disinfo

    I am very much in accord with you here.
    I should have used the word “share” rather than “agree” which could be misunderstood for something contractual.
    And of course only if moved to do so without...
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    Re: The rising Babel of ET disinfo

    Good points IMO, in every single post here, thank you all.
    Yesterday after reading your posts I was thinking...
    - it's so true that there really is no solution to the Babel of disinfo going on,...
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    Re: The rising Babel of ET disinfo

    You can thank the US government for that. They are more active in the 'contactee' field than actual extraterrestrials. lol[/QUOTE]

    You're very probably right mate!
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    The rising Babel of ET disinfo

    “And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.
    Go to, let us...
  10. Re: SHOCKING : UFOs: The Human Mutilation Cover Up FULL Film 2014....RICHPLANET

    Awesome work.
    It provides much proof to what in simple terms could be summarised as:
    -governments (US…UK, others) made an agreement with ETs, opened our doors, allowed ETs on our planet;
  11. Re: Hubs for Avalonians - a Garden Village in Europe're right, the ecovillages are important too:-)
    I actually re-located here...from Italy;)
    After I settled here, among other things I was attracted to an initiative launched by 'Astralwalker',...
  12. Re: Hubs for Avalonians - a Garden Village in Europe

    Thankyou Alberto e Daniela for sharing this info.
    It seems to me that when ET's tell us that they are angels, the scam is on, and their guilt-generating tactics or belittling techniques just further...
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    Re: Are you ready to contact the aliens?

    I believe that there are spiritually advanced races in the universe, the "Good Aliens", and they may have inspired people here on earth in the past.
    Someday we will meet them IMO.
    Nevertheless, I...
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    Re: Discerning Disinformation

    It's a very good book IMO, we actually discussed it last year on another thread ( but it's worth a 'bump'.
  15. Re: Fishing -- With and Without Traditional Gear

    I am an avid freediving/spearfisherman and agree with the advice you give; I would add that a speargun is another option, better for long shots, more awkward in caves though. With spearfishing, viz...
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    Re: Anyone run into any Blue Skinned Aliens?

    Thankyou for sharing this The Castellan, I understand a lot more about you now.
    I sincerely wish that you find the blue alien or someone similar in your life, who knows, maybe she won't be blue but...
  17. Re: Are you a non-posting Avalonian who reads in silence?

    Thankyou Selene for this thread. I post a bit, then sometimes I go through quiet periods, like I have recently...also I am a not a good 'threadstarter'...not sure why, but I always browse new threads...
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    Re: The Many Distractions (here and there)

    I read the OP and my gut feeling tells me it must have been something benevolent.
    About leaving Avalon, just my humble advice...maybe you can withdraw for a while, without terminating your...
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    Re: Predictions that never happened!

    No, this thread is not going be a success, simply because people want to believe! People just want it, nothing else matters.



    Since we keep receiving new predictions, I...
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    Re: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers

    Thankyou Xidaijena for this uniting thread.
    I practise the same religion that S-L described in his post (New Message from God) and today, during my usual readings, I ran into this phrase that really...
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