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    Re: dream dialogue

    Another dream I had a week ago left me in such a weird feeling for a few days, I must describe it. All I remember was picking at my arm where doctors would draw blood, (most commonly the elbow joint...
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    dream dialogue

    I am currently going through some inner issues or debates and I find myself having very difficult dreams, or emotions from them. In the morning, when I wake up, I often have either a wonderful loving...
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    Seeking Local Avalon Members

    Well, to be honest, I keep coming here to the community cause I feel I fit in with the open mindedness and willingness to communicate new ideas and thoughts. I am wondering if there is ever a meetup...
  4. Re: THE ASTRAL CITY - Movie of the story of a doctor's odyssey in the Spirit World after death.

    I really hope things turn out that way when I die, and I will be so relieved... I loved the movie. Hope I wake up soon. :(
  5. Re: Massive Black Hole 10 Times Size of Our Solar System Found

    if by this you mean other states of vibrations which matter exists in, then I would agree. and I can see how the collapse of a massive star can create in irreversible effect, implosion, maybe say in...
  6. Re: Citizen Hearing On Disclosure 4/29 to 5/3 2013 Wash DC

    here is a YT page with most of all the videos taken I assume, Ive been watching it and Im not surprised this has been a secret for so long, but rather what is surprising is the fact to which they are...
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    Re: How to meditate

    same here, great guide. I am just starting out and have the distractions you described. thoughts and such. Im working on it. But I am also interested. ty for the advice! <3
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    Re: chemtrails - Avalon Forum Summary

    I have a fairly good background in Environmental Chemistry, and many of my friends that I attended school 20 years ago often debate the Chemtrails question.

    The argument that I often encounter is;...
  9. Re: New 2013 Sirius Movie Trailer [HD] UFO's, Extraterrestrials, Alternative Energy, April 22, 2013

    I can' wait for this to come out. :)
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    Re: The wait for December 21, 2012

    Read: Eckhart Tolle's The Power Of The Now. That is all, unlock your being, and forget the mind. That which limits you, your growth. Meditation helps the energy body develop. But we are still in the...
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    Re: The Limits of Space Travel

    I wish I had the clock time ATM to read all this but, to sum things up from my perspective, there is no limit to space travel. Light speed will be broken and we will achieve infinite capabilities....
  12. Re: Richard Dolan | The Breakaway Civilization, October 12, 2012

    I hope one day, I would be considered to be a ufologist, cosmologist, theorist, ETC. I ask the same things, ponder similar thoughts, ETC. Do I need to make a few videos to be taken seriously? Or to...
  13. Re: Why the Disclosure hasn't happened yet?

    I think there is a fundamental mis-understanding about the disclosure. It has been taking place, and will likely continue to take place. I know many of us are waiting to see what Steven Greer's...
  14. Re: America really is going to hell, in a hand basket

    Alex Jones is ok imo to awaken, but I DO NOT FOCUS on him and I rarely go to him for information because usually, again imo, I feel he is fear based. Cooperations are trying to vote... as they tried...
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    Re: Who Is Playing What Role?

    Someone that may channel or communicate with higher dimensionals may have some information about their role in general. TBH, I felt that this knowledge was already acquired but maybe not put...
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    Re: Who Is Playing What Role?

    By "what role do they play," I mean what role are they playing now, in the physical?

    My personal beliefs being, interactions and plans are created to cultivate humanity into the divine... as the...
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    Re: Emergency survival guide

    all of these tips are great for a short term plan... but fuels, supplies, food, and such run out in short time, they require the means to move them... etc which can be problems for severe situations....
  18. Re: America really is going to hell, in a hand basket

    The mechanics of thought/consciousness/reality is based on collapsing the wave function, which wont occur until there is an observer. So, when does the wave collapse? When you open your eyes? when...
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    Who Is Playing What Role?

    What species, star seed, or labeled ET name?
    What role?

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    Re: Why don't you use your powers.??

    We may be unaware we have any sort of powers... :)

    Are you suggesting we have powers? what are they? where do they come from? is free will or intention a factor to effect these powers? Could this...
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