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  1. Re: Myostatin Inhibitors for Muscle Growth and Longevity

    I would honestly just get testosterone from a anti aging clinic. Works the best with minimal side effects . they take blood panels every few months and you'll get very fit very fast with clinical...
  2. Re: Controversial but Simple Experiment Exposing Chemtrails Everyone Can Do!

    Multiple industries are involved. Different yet occasionally overlapping agendas. Control of crops is a newer part of it (anyone with enough $ gets to play)but it really started as a way to track...
  3. Re: Myostatin Inhibitors for Muscle Growth and Longevity

    If your interested just buy yourself some yk11 as a research compound for your pet rat. Incredible myostatin inhibitor being used by thousands . its a sarm(selective androgenic reuptake inhibitor).
  4. Poll: Re: Has anyone here had Candida and cured it?

    Shocked no mention of oil of oregano. Best Candida killer in my experience (just skimmed maybe I missed it)
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    Re: Discovering Bigfoot: full documentary

    We call him fraud standing, a known hoaxer
  6. Re: Hillary Clinton will be the Deep State Candidate for 2020?

    Ben Shapiro will win the 2020 election with the help of my vote
  7. Re: Putin: "U.S. Made Hurricanes with Machines"

    Lol we seldom get 'proof' in this game of understanding what's really happening. Connecting dots is often as close as one can come. The good news is, we dont have to go believe it if we don't want...
  8. Re: Artificial Intelligence Creates a Mind & Language of its own! Programmers Pull Plug

    "A symbol, no matter how descriptive, can never be that for which it stands" Aldous Huxley
  9. Re: 5 Things You Should Never Do After Eating!

    I wont stop any of these after a meal! good info, though
  10. Re: Jim Carrey Framed for Killing Girlfriend After Exposing Illuminati Secrets?

    Hes under attack no doubt . Just like bernies wife. Lesson is, dont threaten the system
  11. Re: Trump : Bad government and bad business skills all in one.

    Obama was a good President. He could not accomplish much because the GOP majority just said NO (as a formal policy) to every single thing he proposed, even if (like Obamacare) it was previously their...
  12. Re: Trump : Bad government and bad business skills all in one.

    Its been a looong, long time since we had a half decent president in this country. carter? eisenhower? lol
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    Re: NASA Psychiatrist

    Fortitude is a computer bot lol. Thanks for sharing here, but youve structured your post in a bizarre way, and you've asked no questions
  14. Re: Views about the Jesuits' role in world affairs

    2 jesuit schools in ncaa mens basketball elite 8 now. funny realization (xavier & gonzaga)
  15. Re: Trump: The Playing Field For An Electronic Mind-Control Experiment?

    Bam!! I think you nailed it here with this post. The mind control comes from saturating the people with news media and internet mems etc. Its all manufactured imo
  16. Re: Excessive high potency Pot use can create perpetual nausea and vomiting

    Nope, i dont buy it. It'll take more than that to scare me lol
  17. Re: Russian Soyuz Rocket "Progress" Fails @ Third Stage Carring Only 2.6 Tonnes

    Occams razor says insurance fraud. simple and beautiful ask space x haha
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    Re: Should Christians Use Magic Mushrooms?

    Ok, tell that to the shamans across the planet who have used plants, fungi included for spiritual reasons since the dawn of man. Go tell them they are fakes, or shortcutting some official way to 'get...
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    Re: Donald Trump's Speech to the RNC


    Means even more of a police state to my ears sadly
  20. Re: Islamophobia: Why Are So Many, So Frightened

    The first ever suicide bombing in Baghdad happened in 2003 AFTER we invaded. Just saying, maybe its more than just islam that caused this phenomenon
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