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    Re: How Money and the lure of it Corrupts us

    Whatever you do you do for yourself. If you are the kind of person who wants to help others by giving them access to free energy, you will do it because you want to do it, so it will be for yourself....
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    Re: THE BIG THOUGHT (theory)

    Very nice! It agrees with many of my experiences and is well written. I have experienced the Creation and being one with Source many times in conscious OBE's. I only have a few minor differences of...
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    Re: Simon, say it ain't so.......

    Herve, thanks for posting the info on Beck's conclusion that garlic is a brain poison, among other things. I used to be very much into garlic until 20 years ago when I married my present husband. He...
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    Re: message to summoners

    Looks like Stephen Greer thinks the word "summon" is egoistic because he associates it with the definition where to "Summon" is more of a command. There is also a definition of summon that just means...
  5. Re: A 2009 Open Letter to President Obama: "YOU SCARE ME"

    Great letter and I see almost nothing I disagree with.
  6. Re: Obama has committed unthinkable crimes against the u.s.

    Thanks, Yelik, good article and I definitely agree with much of it. We know a lot of vets and my husband is a vet. None that we know have any respect whatsoever for the muslim traitor, Obama or Barry...
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    CDC vaccine whistleblower given immunity to testify
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    I also grew up in the 50's as I was born in 1947. My sister and I had a very few vaccinations throughout our childhood, maybe 3 or 4, but our parents were not fearful about us getting the normal...
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    Re: Variable VS Fixed Mortgage rates?

    2.6-2.94 is an excellent rate. If you wait I doubt you'll get it much lower so it may be good to lock it in. I'm about to refinance from a 4.3% to a 2.43% rate. In our case we don't have to pay...
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    Re: DEMONS behind REAL Magic

    I have thought for many decades that certain magicians had unexplained enhanced powers. Could they be in a relationship with a demon? Sure, why not... But that is only one possibility, and likely one...
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    Re: Obamacare: How Screwed Are You?

    Yes, the few people who got covered by this travesty of obamacare will be happy, that is until they actually try to get treatment and the lines keep getting longer and longer. Canada has experienced...
  12. Re: I want to try MMS, but my girlfriend thinks it's poison

    There is so much evidence of people being cured of malaria quickly (24-48 hours) and many testimonials of cures for other conditions that it's just a matter of trying it for yourself. I think it's...
  13. Re: Caring for relatives with Alzheimer's : the modern curse of the elderly

    Today would be my older sister’s 70th birthday (Happy Birthday, Carol !!) but she died of early onset Alzheimer’s at age 59. About four years before her death I received a phone call from her...
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    Re: Radical feminism is destroying young men.

    One of the wonderful things about travels out of body is that it becomes obvious that gender means almost nothing, other than a vehicle used to engage in the games. In the astral planes one can...
  15. Re: The Out-of-Body-Experience. A Place Where Science and Spirituality Meet.

    Thanks for sharing, Jake, it sounds fantastic! It will be fun figuring out who the new, expanded Jake is. :hug:
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    Re: Radical feminism is destroying young men.

    Since I'm 67 years old I've observed the rise of radical feminism. Although I'm a very strong, outspoken woman I've never liked feminism or feminists. It has always seemed to me that they want to...
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    Re: Veterans Today becoming the opposition??

    Even if Gordon Duff is correct about his obvious anti Israel views and opinion that Israel basically owns and manipulates the US congress, he seems to be falling into the old "the enemy of my enemy...
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    I have dealt with quite a few different entities here in the physical world throughout my entire life. I don't know if they were actually attached to me or to someone else or just here for the heck...
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    Re: The CIA, the report and the methods

    What amazes me is the outrage people seem to feel about the torture that was engaged in by the CIA. If they didn't know the US has used very harsh methods of interrogation in certain circumstances...
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    Re: The Inevitable Destruction of the Skeptic

    I think I know what you mean, Omniverse, but as Wind said it makes a difference whether you are an open minded skeptic or a close minded skeptic. I am a skeptic in that I believe nothing for an...
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