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  1. Re: OMFG!!! Govts shocking abuse of disabled through bedroom tax

    Sorry I disagree.

    Yes there are a few couples in London who have spare bedrooms after bringing up kids but all these couples have lived in there homes for many years and are now elderly and have...
  2. Re: Ben Swann EATS Piers Morgan - Crime Stats Reality Check!

    I was more shocked by the 400 so called Justified killings of Civilians from law inforcement in the US in 2011 and then looked at the 2012 stats....
  3. Re: UK: 3,500 extra troops called in for Olympic security

    We also have the countrys biggest warship moored in the river thames
    Plus Surface...
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    Re: From Bill Ryan -- the Ultimate Hypothesis

    Thats a good post Skawf and perfectly sums up what most if not all of us feel at some stage.
    But the one thing the elite or cowards as i like to call them inflict on the mass's to keep them in check...
  5. Re: Using your real name (discussion from a David Wilcock thread)

    Interesting thread.

    I never really put that much thought into why people chose different names and avators on forums but i guess theres many different reasons, Fear would be one of them but i...
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    Re: The Truth Exposed by

    Im trying to work out who has lost the plot here, Me for wasting 30 mins of my time watching this rubbish just after finishing a very cold night shift or the dude who put those Vids up on you tube.
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    Re: Messages from home

    I have lost too many family and friends over the last few years but the one person i miss most and who is always in my thoughts is my Mum. I was in a dark place after my Mum went home and could not...
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    Re: ET filmed in Brazil rainforest! Amazing!

    Was reading about this earlier and the truth of it is hollywood have the rest of the footage and are making a movie with it so it has to be 100% fake. Looks like their trying to milk some more money...
  9. Re: Cops turn Violent, NYPD drag girl across the street. #OccupyWallStreet

    What worries me most about these you tube clips of the protests on wall street are how much the police seem to be enjoying picking people out (including women) for a bit of rough treatment Including...
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    Re: Occupy wall street protesters' arrests

    Whats happened to peoples right to hold peaceful protests ? :confused:
  11. Re: Lab chimps see daylight for first time in 30 years

    Thanks G.A

    I had that warm fuzzy feeling after watching that clip.
  12. Re: THE NEW FIRST CHIP ERA has arrived [VIDEO Publicity]

    Thanks for the Clip MigueQ

    I knew it was only a matter of time before they started rolling this crap out first it will be showing all the benefits you may get from being chipped
    and the next...
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    Re: Racist Police attack Black boy for no reason

    Sorry to disagree with you Paul but i have to sometimes work closely with the police due to my job and over the years i can count the good ones i have met on one hand.
    Trust me when i say the...
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    Re: They sent my Census form back! AGAIN!!!

    In the end my partner filled in the census leaving my name off as she didnt want to deal with the knocks on the door which i agreed with because im at work all the time.
    I am a bit worried over this...
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    Re: Maybe the smoking gun on medical marijuana and MS.

    Thanks for the info Daledo.

    I think not only does Marijuana help with the pain associated with MS but may also suppress the attacks you get from the disease which would help many thousands live...
  16. Re: Videos That Have Very Interesting Things In Them

    Im a big fan of pc games and the one that sticks out further then the rest in trying to wake people up is a game called "The secret world"
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    Re: This forum leaves a bad taste

    Guess its time to move on to a thread thats got a good vibe to it

    Now where do i start ? theres so many to choose from ;)
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    Re: Advice and help needed

    Theres a new drug that we were looking at that has been made for the type of MS my wifes suffering from but it seems that we cant get it on the NHS as its too expensive to prescribe...
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    Re: Advice and help needed

    Thanks Eagle that is some really good info.

    Your post describes nearly all of her Symptons. Our lifestyle is very hectic so diet is on the bad side and as for emotional state in the space of 3...
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    Re: Advice and help needed

    Thanks so much for the replys.

    This is the main reason i joned Avalon to be amongst and learn from some of the most enlightened people on this planet.
    Every reply is so full of good postive...
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