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    Re: An Open Letter to Mr. David Wilcock

    I'm not in the least bit surprised that my posts have been deleted. I would have been surprised if they were not.

    By the way, all of the above terms are common to threads throughout this forum....
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    Re: Is this an energy being?

    Not too sure what it is but looks like something or someone I'd like to meet.
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    Re: Detroit costs Belgium 305 million dollars

    Congratulations, you're now the proud owner of Detroit! Please be ready for delivery within 48-hours.
  4. Re: Truth Versus Illusion: How can you ever know if you are experiencing the truth?

    These are questions I used to grapple with. Questions that may not have answers.

    However, as I grow older, I'm increasingly realizing that it's not really a question of truth versus illusions...
  5. Re: The cost of medical care in the US -- way out of line

    The cost of an appendectomy in Montana is not $14,255! This is the cost the provider would charge if you had no insurance coverage. If you had insurance they would have determined an exceptable...
  6. Re: 12 Year Old Paints Heaven...Stunning Paintings

    Wow, after watching the video I wasn't expecting these kinds of responses. Why do folks jump all over stories of gloom and doom but when something beautiful comes along they shut down? Anyway,...
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    Re: Wake up AMERICA or MOVE .....

    I'm amazed at how those of you living elsewhere stay fixated on America while ignoring what's happening to your own country. The link below leads to a video by an Australian named Max Igan...
  8. Re: I'm feeling it, but it probably won't last long.

    Why do you feel it won't last? You can stay at this level and even go higher.

  9. Re: Is San Fran Asiana Flight 214 Another MSM Hoax?

    Again, I don't get it with people, can we not pick up the level of sophistication here, building collapsed and people died in 911, (heck one guy even said he found a dead body in a closet??? anyone...
  10. Re: Is San Fran Asiana Flight 214 Another MSM Hoax?

    I work at the trauma hospital in San Francisco where many of the injured were taken. This was not a hoax. The plan did crash. Frankly, this entire thread is just plain silly.
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    Re: Is USA a better place to live in?

    Remember, this forum tends to be anti-American so I think you're asking your question In the wrong place. I suggest you find Iranian-American forums where you can make contact with other Iranians...
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    Re: The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime

    I think most of the Zionists that are at the top of what David Icke calls "Rothshild-Zionism" are actually Satanists and only Jewish on the surface.[/QUOTE]

    The Zionists would seem to be part of...
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    Re: The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime

    Interesting thread. After viewing the video I wasn't expecting this kind of response.

    There appears to be ample evidence that over the course of centuries individuals who happen to be Jewish...
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    Re: Journey of Souls - Michael Newton Interview

    Great video! Thanks much for posting. I went to Michael Newton's website and found all sorts of useful information, including links to therapists from all over the world (see below).
  15. Re: Meet the new gold-backed world reserve currency

    The number one concern of any Chinese government is keeping a billion peasants employed. This simple fact should never be under estimated. If China were to back their currency with gold the value...
  16. Re: What are Insiders Doing to Protect their Finances from a Collapsing Dollar?

    I'm sorry you're feeling so much stress and anxiety over this issue. You're spending a lot of energy worrying over something that hasn't happened and isn't real. If you can't let it go please try...
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    Re: 2013: Almost all of my wishes came true

    Great post. I'm so happy for you and wish you the best!
  18. Re: A "WAKE-UP" Call to the 'American Satanic Military Leadership' from Australian Army Chief..!


    If this was your purpose in posting this video under the chosen title I'm afraid you failed. When I played the video I was expecting something dealing...
  19. Re: A "WAKE-UP" Call to the 'American Satanic Military Leadership' from Australian Army Chief..!

    Why did you use this title? This video has nothing to do with the American military or satanism.

    The video, although having no relationship with the posted title, was none the less interesting....
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    Re: Follow Your Bliss - It's Never Too Late


    Thanks so much for the very inspiring post. Strange how the answer was always right there in front of you nose. I'm on a similar journey searching for my bliss, which, much like in your...
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