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  1. Re: Thinking the Unthinkable: a WHAT IF scenario, should there be major sea level changes coming soon

    Yeah, the Metro area was my best guess for the disparity in numbers. Its an important distinction for me though as there is some conversation going on assuming the population is an indicator for...
  2. Re: Thinking the Unthinkable: a WHAT IF scenario, should there be major sea level changes coming soon

    What is the source for the population data?

    A quick look is showing a large difference between the population data on...
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    Re: Cyborg Beetles

    No, it definitely isn't.

    Nor is the implication that such technology like this could be openly used by humans on humans. The army comes to mind. If you combine this with growing bodies in bags...
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    Cyborg Beetles

    I thought this would be of a interest to a few people here.

    A short description is they are using technology to control beetles like robots.

  5. Re: SPOT, the robot dog, developed by Boston Dynamics (this should make us all very worried)

    I am surprised people are scared of this. My first thought was, "Oh it is SO cute!". Maybe I am biased because I live in the area where this is developed so technology like this isn't new or...
  6. Re: Disgusted Journalist Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake!

    What I found particularly interesting was his description of the process of how you end up working for the CIA. They don't just offer you a secret job working for them but it is a process where they...
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    Scientists Create Solid Light

    I thought this would be of interest to many people on the forum. I am dreaming of holo-decks and food replicators.

    Here is...
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    Re: Could you fall in love with an AI?

    I was talking about something like this with my friends. I think people could fall in love with an AI but if it doesn't have a soul eventually a person would probably feel pretty empty about it. On...
  9. Re: What's the latest (newer, but inexpensive) in photovoltaic cells/panels?

    Not to be dumb but what are organic photovoltaic panels?
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    Re: Cat Hoarding ( Need some advice?)

    I think it is important for your brother's girlfriend to realize she has a savior complex. You have to take care of yourself though before you can help others at your best. I can't blame her though....
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    Re: Executive Decree: Climate Hubs USA

    Ghostrider - I think you are right on and that they could be for more as well.

    In truth this makes me feel good because I felt like a big event was on the horizon but this makes it seem like they...
  12. Re: Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization

    If what is in the video is correct and the climate is being engineered then I have to wonder what these climate hubs are really for? They were created through an executive order from Obama.
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