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  1. Re: Solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats to alter your 3 dimensional reality Part

    Hello folks I take this opportunity to say hello and at the same time report some of my latest findings related to my research on solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats. I thank all of you for your...
  2. Re: Forgotten In Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

    I am always very happy to see post and threads on the solfeggio frequencies as a form of healing and as an aid to bring our whole body back into balance and harmony.

    We all know there's many...
  3. Re: I Now KNOW WHY? the Bush Family bought 100,000 Acres in Paraguay!

    Here's a very well written article on Moon''s connections and history with the republican party.
  4. Re: I Now KNOW WHY? the Bush Family bought 100,000 Acres in Paraguay!

    Bush and Moon have been seem hanging out in Paraguay and other Latin American countries. this thread opens up another question what are they really up to besides owning the water ?
  5. Re: I Now KNOW WHY? the Bush Family bought 100,000 Acres in Paraguay!

    The key here for those of you that did not know Bush Jr. is a Unification Church member, in order words a long time follower of the rev. Sun Myung Moon. Since the days of communism Moon has...
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    Re: It's not PC

    Seismorg this rather long film is a gem in my opinion as I can relate to it from two perspectives, my family immigrants from Puerto Rico worked in sweat shops for many years and many like me join the...
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    Re: What is family to you?

    For me family is:

    a) Blood relatives specially my children, wife, parents and those family members who have stuck w/ me through thick and tin.

    b) Friends whom have been there in the good times...
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    Re: (What is) Ascension: Yes or No?

    Dan your point is well taken , yet at the same time I can help but wander are we ever going to grow up or just continue repeating the same old mistakes . For planet Earth there's many species that...
  9. Re: How many Avalonians will spend their Thanksgiving day all alone ?

    With five kids a mother in law bed stricken and an elderly mom of my own of 86 years old I try to take the time to have an attitude of gratitude for every breath I take. Is nice to find the time to...
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    Re: (What is) Ascension: Yes or No?

    Ascension or rapture as it commonly called by people of the Christian faith is an ancient belief, who knows how it started but I believe the Star Trek beam me up technology is not too far fetch....
  11. Re: Jay Rockefeller Speaks out Against the Dumbing Down by News Mass Media

    How many years has the media been censoring information , so why now JR decides to come out and speak as tho the government has nothing to do with the censorship. Please don't make me laugh for...
  12. Re: In a view seconds. Phonetic typos on Avalon

    Sorry yo normally speak spanglish y get la words a little phonetically confuso. Si it sounds right entonces I in the haste of the moment between changing pampers hit post quick reply then go on with...
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    Re: brainwave and healing frequencies

    I have used frequencies for the last five years for everything imaginable, from health, abundance, to emotional balance within myself and my family. Recently I been experimenting and using...
  14. Re: What questions would you most want answered?

    Just an observation while multiple dimensions seems to become a acceptable explanation for things unknown, instead of "God". Now the word God is replaced by benevolent beings from other dimensions...
  15. Re: WARNING..the entire world is getting nuttier

    Insanity is a label that will help the majority of americans to receive social security benefits at an early age without any problems. Is ironic you could be on a death bed paid fully for your social...
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    Re: You guys use facebook?

    Where I used to work my boss would often visit facebook just to see what the employess and supervisors where up to. Needless to say many got in trouble for voicing their opinions about the treatment...
  17. Re: What questions would you most want answered?

    Clarion while I thank you for your answers they seem to come from AD's teachings , a my correct to think this.
    Reincarnation is very real my friend , just as real as the soul that dwells within you...
  18. Re: What questions would you most want answered?

    1-Is there a galaxy where earth like humans have evolved and achieved their fullest potential ?

    2-When will Humans and the controllers stop playing games and finally grow up ?

    3- If God created...
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    Poll: Re: Are you afraid to die?

    I have lived on borrow time since before my birth, and have encounter death on many occasions. Sometimes to be honest I feel more like a ghost than a human of flesh and bones. Don't get me wrong I...
  20. Re: New Prediction: Disclosure! New Date: Oct 29, 2010!

    Well the ET's are probably going to land in the baseball stadium to meet Al Gore, they really must be concerned about global warming or the chaneller got his words mixed up in translation. Move over...
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