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  1. Victim of psychological abuse by abductors with technology (flying in with warp drives - 'UFOs' and such), recently saying they're going to kill theirself.

    This person I've been keeping up with online, reading on their website and even had some chat on skype a while ago, recently however I noticed a new update on their website talking of killing their...
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    Re: Alien abduction and screen memory

    Just to say before the rest of this, should not see it that 'you're meant to die, going to the next life', 'everyone will die eventually', I don't think so -- as even though body starts falling apart...
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    Re: Alien abduction and screen memory

    There's way more to this, I am pretty sure in a very deceptive and decisive way from what I've gathered and from what I've been through, as in there seems to be just MAJOR effort in absolute control...
  4. Those UFOs? From what I've gathered, what I've been through, these people flying in UFOs seem to be extremely despotic and seem to want absolute control.

    I just want to talk about this, after just looking up stuff all over the internet for over a while now -- and recently been just absolutely tormented via implants in my head.

    So, these abductors...
  5. Re: Wanted to say something - what's really going on.

    Update; recently have been pretty much mocked and told if don't like how my life is so crappy, suffering, then just kill myself.

    Some nonsense like if don't like how are living 'then just imagine...
  6. Re: Wanted to say something - what's really going on.

    not really sure in terms of what happened I guess, just kinda fuzzy -- except for like when really feeling a ton of pain when being implanted I guess.

    I also think people should know about this...
  7. Re: Wanted to say something - what's really going on.

    I think how these implants may work, how they're made are probably unaffected by usual magnetism or so. I would assume these implants work differently to usual electronics I think. Like I think the...
  8. Wanted to say something - what's really going on.

    So I just wanted to say something - about like what I've been through and such. What I think I guess.

    So, for a while now have been pretty much concluded for sure have implants in my brain; have...
  9. Re: If There Are Hidden Benevolent Civilizations on Earth, Why Don't They Fund Positive Projects?

    No matter what , pain will always be remembered, literately for eternity, never a good thing, never right.

    It seems that thousands of years ago there was an attack on mars (or a massive war,...
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    Galactic federation: enslavers
  11. Re: The Mantis Alien (Insectalin) Hybridization Agenda

    @Omnisence , as well as anyone that might not know.

    Just because a someone is using a "reptilian" body (or what ever body) - does not mean evil , it's what matters on the inside, a someone could...
  12. Re: We're going back to the reptilians

    It's not about the appearance its about what is on the inside that matters.
  13. Re: Dark Journalist - A Six Part Series on The New Age Deep State

    The so called "ascension" term literately is of wanting to be the lucky chosen and to die for a(or many) so called "higher being(s)" or "ascended master(s)", why put someone over self (worship)? why...
  14. Re: Possibly what the eyes of reptilian DNA look like.

    I have more memories, also I feel that that memory/related memories is recent since I also listened to someone else talk about an apparent experience that seemed to be very similar to what I think I...
  15. Re: Possibly what the eyes of reptilian DNA look like.

    I think that I woke out of sleeping into that situation while feeling "like a dream", I think I was being actively suppressed or something.
  16. Possibly what the eyes of reptilian DNA look like.

    Made the image of what I might remember seeing.

    Here is some data about the drawing I made:

    I remember "waking up" (however it seemed to be kind of hard to...
  17. Not enough food to feed everyone on this planet?
  18. Friendship not because of DNA, but because of factual feelings

    I would like to say that I do not want to use the words "alien" or "ET" - as well as possibly other similar words, since I feel that such words are corrupted and dividing as well as being...
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    Re: Lives that could be in danger.

    I think its best to avoid any harm to others - yet still find a way to spread truth, to maintain happiness and avoid suffering , and to spread kindness and love. To avoid a deadly transition to...
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    Lives that could be in danger.

    Lives that could danger,

    I feel that everyone that has family and friends that are not physically close , need to understand that lives could be put into danger if talked too much about, (example,...
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