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    Thank you!

    And why play the blame game at all? This situation is heartbreaking, itís horrendous, it commands a level of maturity far beyond finger pointing.

    Sure, be responsible, do your part...
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    Yes, agree, this is how I see it too, but I meditated on this after I posted my questions to you and saw another dynamic at play here regarding the intensifying of fear. Hopefully Iíll explain it...
  3. View Post Maggie, Iíve downloaded the first two videos and I see youíve added more. Iíll watch them tomorrow.

    ARE we in a new world? Mine is and it's ever...
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    Re: New Year's Manifestation Ritual


    ĒWhat do you want to manifest in the coming year?ď

    Extraterrestrials, lots of extraterrestrials.

    The Big Apple drops in a couple of minutes...

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    We got some rain over Christmas here in Queensland and the sky has been clear here in Brisbane since the clouds parted, a beautiful sight.

    I'm not one for sensationalism and I think it's fair to...
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    Re: Remarkable Dream on Timelines

    What a beautiful dream; crystal clear, complete, and empowering.

    We have it backwards. We tend to assume that important events that make up timelines of the collective are determined by those in...
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    Re: I Think I Saw A UFO (Finally)

    Well youíre not missing much, they looked exactly the same as yours but with a different landscape, but Iíll take vid and pics for you if I see her again. :thumbsup:

    Good point, and agreed, not...
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    Re: I Think I Saw A UFO (Finally)

    EFO, thanks for posting. Thatís the same elevation as the the star I saw.

    I took some photos myself too but didnít keep them. Iíd seen photos others had taken of lights (I donít recall if they...
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    Re: I Think I Saw A UFO (Finally)

    I hope this doesnít put you off communicating with interesting stars in the future, in my experience thatís when the really cool stuff happens.

    For a few years, months at a time, there was a very...
  10. Re: Those mysterious abilities come from deep in our hearts

    Yes, this is how I saw you as I read your posts and why I replied to you. It appears we are experiencing a similar process with similar results. I am clear on the purpose of this process for...
  11. Re: Those mysterious abilities come from deep in our hearts

    (emphasis mine)

    Nah, it doesnít sound strange, it sounds like youíre nailing it to me.

    Iíve been working on this mode myself, except instead of experiencing it as thinking with my heart, I...
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    Re: A homeless drifter in my town

    I donít care what caused a person to be homeless, whether itís through no fault of their own or whether they messed up somehow, whether itís by choice or not. Itís their life, thatís nobody...
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    Re: Just wondering

    Yes, this is Rachel, hi Caliban. :wave:

    We already know it and I suspect remembering it here is an effect of achieving a certain state, and when we remember it itís similar to remembering an event...
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    Re: Just wondering

    I ask this question too.

    This is what I have so far, itís not much but this much I know. Staying with the analogy of a game, amnesia is built into the game as a limitation, but the limitation is...
  15. Re: DNA activation unleashing original human potential.

    Hello. A brief post to inform you that it isnít necessary for a human being to reach their fullest potential in order to travel interdimensionally. Also, each human has a built in stargate; the...
  16. Re: Who will win the US presidency in 2020?

    Bernie Sanders
  17. Re: Was god choosing Jesus just; or should the Father have chosen the cross for himself?

    A Christian prayer that demonstrates the calibre of Jesusí esoteric knowledge. See beneath the surface and enjoy!

    The Lordís Prayer

    Our Father, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy name;
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    Re: Forgive my love, it was genuine!


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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    @justntime2learn @Val @Ken @avid @Sstarss

    Hello! :flower:

    I havenít been posting but you can still reach me via PM, I check it every now and then.

    Iíve been minimising my time spent online,...
  20. Re: Julian Assange arrested after Ecuador tears up asylum deal

    Iím suspicious about this story. Keeping in mind that this case can be won or lost due to public opinion/pressure (no faith in a fair trial) and that it came out shortly after Nils Melzerís damning...
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