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    Re: A Hillary Clinton Seizure, or...?

    Could be an acid trip....
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    Re: Dolores Cannon..

    Grandma Cannon. That's what I call her. She was an amazing woman. Love her books.
  3. Re: Bastille Day Nice France Terror Truck attack

    What I found suspicious of this truck attack was that there were no blood splatters, ripped clothing tares, body parts, etcetera on the truck.
  4. Re: Alleged FBI Insider Leaks All - Clinton Foundation Exposed - Involves Entire US Government

    Yup, I don't think Soros is even human - see Turiya's latest posts #159 & 160[/QUOTE]

    Some say...
  5. Re: Last hope? You decide... (Putin begs the media to wake up)

    If I may,,,,,,I'm a huge fan of Putin. Call me weird/crazy. This one hooked me. After an interview I listened to this morning, Putin stated he will not allow/permit chemtrail panes to fly over his...
  6. Q: Hospital/Clinic in The Dominican Republic That Performs Blood Filtering For Cancer

    I have recently heard from a friend that in The D.R. they have an alternative cancer center that does a blood filtering protocol for cancer patients and perhaps other illnesses as well, it worked out...
  7. Re: Beech Grove residents awoken by booms, gunshots

    I sure hope this government practice exercise doesn't turn into another false flag episode, such as Sandy hook and The Boston marathon. My spider sense is tingling.
  8. Re: Lyn Buchanan | Confirmed, Multiple ET Bases on Earth, Stargate Program Declassified | May 12, 2016

    Lyn Buchanan, stunning man IMO, and in a thread I posted recently, states that at Mt Ziel I believe located in Australia, is a central hub for ETs to check in whence they arrive at Earth. ...
  9. Re: Ep. 453 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Linda Moulton Howe: Earth Files

    Re: Cattle Mutilations, In what I have read and highly interested in on the topic of cattle mutilation. Are a part of the Infamous Edwards Treaty with Eisenhower. As an agreement was supposedly made...
  10. Re: Is Mt Ziel, Australia, The Central Hub for ETs?

    Here, at aprox. the 57.00 Mark of this video, Lyn Buchanan speaks of a face to face contact in The Mt Ziel Underground Base with an ET presence. He also states there are 4 such complexes on the...
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    Re: Put Hillary Clinton in prison already

    There, you happy now. ;)
  12. Re: Is Mt Ziel, Australia, The Central Hub for ETs?

    Pine Gap/Mt Ziel Et Base Exposed Starts at 49 seconds
  13. Re: Is Mt Ziel, Australia, The Central Hub for ETs?

    Ok, The mention of The Mt. Ziel Underground Base (Supposedly An Annunaki Base) in Northern Australia is on this enclosed YT video (@140.00 mark) from this shocking remote viewing of The RAF...
  14. Re: Is Mt Ziel, Australia, The Central Hub for ETs?
  15. Is Mt Ziel, Australia, The Central Hub for ETs?

    After listening to an interview recently and researching the topic with Linda Moulton Howe and CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing) specialist in Lyn Buchanan. Lyn spoke of a RV session he did, in which...
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    Re: Donald Trump...

    Don't waste your time or energy. There are 27 layers above any president. Think of that for a moment. Go outside and enjoy nature, read a good book, or anything other than watching this 3 ring circus...
  17. Re: Richard Dolan rips to shreds Corey Goode and others of the same ilk

    The HP Vaccine commercial during this video or the Corey Goode interview, not sure, totally turned me off completely, I must say. Why vaccine commercials? It spooked me away from further listening to...
  18. Re: Ben Fulford 12 April 2016: Popular Articles: Federal Reserve Board and US dollar will be hit by Financial Armageddon if Asian gold offer

    Wow. Are the Rothschilds/Rockefellers/Warburgs etc, and with disrespect to their Psychopathic Counterparts, involved in this agreement too.
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    Re: Forbidden Cures - Good Stuff Here

    Raregem,,,,yes a good add here to this thread. I found Dr Clarkes work to be stunning. to say the least. Wanishee (Thank You) :star:
  20. Re: Dr. Sebi: the man who cures all known diseases

    Just discovered this great man yesterday. Awesome stuff. and the bump.
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