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  1. Re: Within 24 hrs, news that will take down the power structure (Glenn Beck's claim, so far unsubstantiated)

    What ta hail??????
  2. Re: Billion-Year-Old Water Preserved in Canadian Mine

    Crazy eh? Yeah that mine is 15 minutes from my house. Timmins is all about mining. The entire underground beneath the city has been hollowed out over the last hundred years I'm told. Ripe for sink...
  3. Re: Man dead in suspected Woolwich (London) terror attack

    Not sure what to think of this whole mess! So many unanswered questions it seems.

    Thought I would add this link ....some well acted out drama.

    Conjured up daily dose of "drama" ..............
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    Re: UFO over the sea.... very large

    Have NO shame Flowerpunkchip, nothing to be embarrassed about one bit. I tell you the truth, in that one day many others will be more embarrassed... ;)
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    Re: UFO over the sea.... very large

    Very likely the sunset yes...however, be nice if the direction was known...mind you, then if it was pointing to the east, people would right away say it is the sunrise HAHAHAHA...oh yeah make no...
  6. Re: The Fourth Phase of Water - the Exclusion Zone (EZ) - Gerald H. Pollack

    Please forgive me for posting this in here..but I cannot seem to post a new thread, so I added this here as my third link deals with the OLDEST KNOWN FOUND WATER IN THE WORLD .....right here in my...
  7. Re: Citizen Hearing On Disclosure, Wash DC, May 2013

    I hear ya Kimberley, and yes I recognize the GROUND that has been covered and I applaud that just becomes so increasingly FRUSTRATING when ya see mainstream being TOLD and GUIDED to print...
  8. Re: Citizen Hearing On Disclosure, Wash DC, May 2013

    Say what??? you gotta be kiddin me!!?? like that of those two with the headband thingy's on page 1 that are posted by MSM convey one thing to me....that is that the controllers are...
  9. Re: Greatest UFO sighting In Australia - Proposed Playground?

    Hi Skywizard, listen, thank you so much for sharing this!! I was not aware that this occurrance took place back in 1966! That is a pertinent piece of INFO when it comes to the field of UFO sightings...
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    Re: UFOs and Disclosure

    Ya a child back when this song was released.......I can still remember it all too well.... A BEAUTIFUL woman & a BEAUTIFUL song........ she had one of thee most amazing voices of her...
  11. Re: Advice needed on a supplement (L-Carnitine)

    I have found it works great when combined with an aerobic//anaerobic exercize it noticebly enhances the process of FAT LOSS while helping to curb appetite as well.
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    Re: (TAKE NOTICE) David Icke - The Expansion of Consciousness

    Amen Rahkyt! Very well said! How cool would it be if the entire planet was to totally "WAKE UP" ALL at the same instant huh?! Then of course there would be nothing more to debate about hahahahaha ...
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    Re: (TAKE NOTICE) David Icke - The Expansion of Consciousness

    I totally resonate with what he mentions about internet forums....He IS BANG ON!!!........sadly!!
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    Re: New Al-Qaeda attack stopped in Canada
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    Re: The simple way

    Wonderfully put Beren...Thank you & Bless you!
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    I agree! I have watched about 6 episodes now. I suppose you could call the show sensationalized if you want to look at it that way. I just figured it was well produced, instead of the cheesy effects...
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    Yes Shadowstalker, VERY GOOD point...I felt a sense of dare I say it...."disclosure of sorts" ?? if you will? or at least perhaps a "conditioning" of the viewers sub consciously, when I hear that...
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    I like the new Alien Mysteries on the Discovery channel....the episode posted above in this thread was a good one! Air craft pilot who knows the diff between a conventional air craft and a NON...
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    Re: North Korea Nuclear threat?

    Yeah...Ask the people from Hiroshima and Nagasaki about that...

    Besides, as far as I can observe, the world is on constant war since WWII; millions of innocent people have been murdered and no ET...
  20. Re: Russell Crowe Claims To Have Caught A UFO On Camera

    Hey, I choose to believe too, but I also believe the vast majority of videos out there are fake. Some people like to play games.....and some people like to believe. If you don't mind being gullible...
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