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    Re: How To Regrow Receding Gums?

    Oil Pulling.....I use sesame oil with a tiny drop of oil of mint. The change was measurable at the dentist and that was the only thing I had done. All you need to know is at this site.
  2. Re: From Trauma to Transformation : Kathy Collins' Story

    Well, if this helps anyone.....I learned a long time ago that forgiveness is not something one can do. It is not a "doingness."
    You can't practice it, make it happen, choose it or force it.

  3. Re: From Trauma to Transformation : Kathy Collins' Story

    A powerful sharing and a validation of my own "list of to do's" in handling challenges.

    #1. For me is to not go it alone and never stop reaching out.

    #2. My favorite quote that has kept me...
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    Re: What to read in 2015

    The Cat In The Hat

    This is only some of it...anyway it's a lot more fun to read in the summer whether alone or with kids.
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    Re: Interesting crop circle near Stonehenge

    I always wanted to eat crop circle cereal....I keep waiting for it to show up on the grocery store shelves and labeled non-GMO.

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    Having Suicidal thoughts ?

    I read this article on wake up world and whether you do or not, a simple solution to relieve your distress is in this article. It will also help you to understand what is going on in your brain when...
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    Re: How to drink Apple Cider Vinegar

    1/4 cup of hot water
    1 overflowing tablespoon of ACV
    A squirt of honey
    Cayenne pepper (optional)

    Let cool a bit and enjoy. There isn't much to drink so you're done and ready to get on with your...
  8. Re: Could this be the best type of farming???

    Here is some more. This is inspiring and amazing. It goes along with the Honey Flow concept. Both of these men are from Australia. I have a friend who is moving to Maine to start a permaculture...
  9. Re: How Do I End A Friendship With A Jehovah Witness?

    I would just ask myself this question...Is this relationship healthy for me ? And in the answer you will figure out what you need to do.

    I have 4 siblings that are fundamentalist Christians. They...
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    Flow Hive Honey

    This is a revolutionary idea that has just been launched today. It is out of Australia. They were originally going to do it from the "Kickstarter" site but there was a problem with the us dollar and...
  11. Re: Linda Moulton Howe: ET Resurrection, Anunnaki & Interdimensional War

    Most Excellent. She is amazing !

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    Re: The Most Delusional Practice on Earth

    I took this wisdom from a question asked in a channeling session long ago: How do I take the negativity off of my judgement ?

    The answer was simple and applicable: Just say to yourself..."I judge,...
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    Re: Mary Magdalene and Jesus

    This is one of the best postings on Avalon.......

    I'd add onions
  14. Re: PROJECT AVALON NEWSLETTER #2 : Intrigues, Conspiracies, ETs, Breakaway Civilizations, Healing, and the first [small] part of THE PROJECT CAMELOT STORY

    Hi Bill,
    Really appreciate this news letter.

    I don't post much but I have observed great changes on the " Adventurous Avalon Forum". From Project Camelot to this forum, as I have changed, so...
  15. Re: Healing Depression for Those Who are Awake

    Totally Do-Able...

    I gave up TV when I was 21, I am over 65.....made an orgone generator 10 years ago, it's still up and working.....I meditate in my own way, and utilize tools for positive...
  16. Re: How I reversed Heart Disease naturally in a few weeks.

    Also Turmeric.......

    Green Med info is the name of the site.

    Well done on your recovery.
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    Re: How Is Everyone Coping?

    Thanks to all the sharing here on this post. I see myself in the telling of your stories and again what comes thru loud and clear is courage, strength, tenacity and best of

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    Re: I ache from loneliness

    Dear Autumn,

    I honor your path of vulnerability, disclosure and valor. Only thru my own challenges can I know what you deal with. I too shall NEVER stop my choice for LOVE, Spectacular Well-Being...
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    Re: What to say to a friend who is dying?

    Lovingly give her permission to go.
  20. Re: Eating a GMO free diet? Is anyone doing it...or up to it?

    I got a nutribullet 6 weeks ago.....the best thing I've done since giving up wheat.....and so friggin easy to do. Look it up, do your research, read the reviews. I can't tell you enough how this has...
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