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  1. Re: Causes of the Ice Age and Nova, the Greatest Secret of the United States. Important Info!

    great thread thank you
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    Re: MIB whistle blowers/life regressions

    I took it form Linda Moulton Howe that they are advanced robots. When people interact with them they get an uneasy feeling that they are not speaking to something human.
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    Re: Coming out as a supersoldier on Camelot

    oh peterpam you ruined the fun, and i am a fat old man from boston not an alien
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    Re: Coming out as a supersoldier on Camelot

    years months or days before we see some results that would prove your case.....Mr Tomkat
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    Re: Mystical Ireland - suggestions needed

    I would go to a small town in county kerry called Dingle and just hang out. Havent been there in years but have great memories of the town and people .
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    Re: Jim Carrey swallowed the red pill

    what a way to start the day,,,thank you justintime....always looking for the truth.
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    Re: This is not a drill - It's really here

    I think the solar flare and the low pressure from irma helped trigger the 8.1 and that much energy release will move south or north and produce a 6.0 in chile or north in california.........and hi...
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    Re: Sad news...Jim Marrs has died

    sorry your gone Mr Mars thank you for the information you gave us all
  9. Re: Isolated community preserves century old understanding of the satanic conspiracy.

    What a great women, and a great soul. A person who walks with god.
  10. Re: James Gilliland update 2017-mar-11: Chemtrails & financial reset

    Thank you James . I think he is a man of god and I would like to say to Transiten . I have two kids and no longer believe in abortion but I did once and dont believe in it now. I dont think I have...
  11. Re: Former Soros associate: Wilders and Le Pen elected, then chaos in the EU and global markets

    Thanks Bill i was wondering where this evil bastard (Soros) is hiding out . Im not a church going person but believe in a god. I think we have front row seats a huge battle between good and evil ....
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    Re: Laurie McDonald (02-16-16) Abduction

    Thank you Laurie McDonald i like what you had to say and you seem like a great person. I feel like i have another piece of the puzzle. I hope you see this and would love to buy you a beer.
  13. Re: Jordan Maxwell Talks Global Awakening With Alex Jones: Exclusive Interview

    ha ha i sound like a dick there for not thinking that threw . I like him didnt think about him being financially harassed.Thanks Cidersomerset.
  14. Re: Jordan Maxwell Talks Global Awakening With Alex Jones: Exclusive Interview

    Bill i don,t get the asking for money we seem to getting closer to something if not the end then closer to a answer .I have been looking at a lot of jordan maxwell and im buying evreything he talks...
  15. Re: "PEOPLE OF EARTH" Premier - WOW!

    can someone put up the second episode.....for the old fella...who has a hard time spelling his This is how disclosure works a little comedy you have a laugh.. and walla you know as much as...
  16. Re: Americans Preparing For Strong Possibility Of Violence On Election Day

    how bout no, everybody is to busy living check to check to give **** about that.If she wins war with russia. If he wins good bye unions......... who ever wins you just have to deal with it and hope...
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    Re: Mount Shasta's Forgotten History & Legends

    dont go give it a chance . I thought it was all great hang in there. Your gonna get a lot of people who just dont get it and won't. But this is a place where you'll also find the most understanding...
  18. Re: Major Ed Dames' Last Talk in Las Vegas Aug 27, 2016

    thank you morningsong.. glad to talk to you ..he wants you to pay to hear what he has to say.
  19. Re: Jimmy Church w/ David Icke : Worldwide Wake Up

    not fast enough, there needs to be an event to wake people up
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    Re: Multiple objects over Japan

    it looks like ufos but that wouldnt bother me. I would be very worried about that being lights in the sky similar to the last big quake, warning sign of the quartz rubbing together deep under ground...
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