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  1. Re: The "Flat Earth" PsyOp (and John B. Wells' brilliant take)

    Here's Max below, updating the lead text from that video on YT.

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    10 hours ago (edited)
    I know Im very discombobulated in the video, but my mind is blown...
  2. Re: The

    Bill, I don't think that's correct, as you can tell from the comments on YT below this video above. Everyone who knows his work was very surprised about his new stance regarding the shape of the...
  3. Re: Prince Harry and Meghan to step back as senior royals

    As always I respect your honest opinion Chris, but I offer this:

    If they're being wholly supported (residences, security, travel, etc.) by the British people, then in a way, they are owned by...
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    Re: Anyone else doubt the Chemtrail Conspiracy?

    I don't think this has been posted yet. One of Dane Wigington's, Nashville in December. Obviously, U.S. military planes spewing out this garbage.

    Hard to refute this. How could people be so...
  5. Re: Ricky Gervais Takes No Prisoners At Golden Globes

    You know what they say about there being "no bad press." It's a self-perpetuating machine. The court jester too has his shows to promote. But without a court what happens to the jester?

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    Re: A Better Bucket List

    Sometimes we can be rather prolix, without meaning to.

    I'm going to boil it down:

  7. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    So nine people, not just One, were killed, in this thing. NINE people.
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    So the abuse was going on for years with this kid (Ricky) and the mother didn't know anything? She didn't see any change in the kid's behavior or state of mind? And the other son (who was attacked...
  9. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    In the above RT video Scott Ritter says no, the guy wasn't a "terrorist," he was a "skilled combatant." They also spoke of him as being key in the fight against ISIS. So, this guy and his forces were...
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    Astonishing what Max Igan says in the above video (about 8:30) about what's happened to Australia's water supply. They've sold it off!! To frackers and private interests, often Foreign (Chinese,...
  11. Re: A test thread goes rogue: what does this mean? :)

    This thread is/could be like an ever-shifting conversation. "And hey, did you hear about..." "Yes, but what about..."

    Or maybe a bathroom wall, calligra-phied by mature kids?

    Prayers to...
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    Re: Animals are Magical

    The lady above is obviously well trained and takes good care of her owl. But at the same time, isn't it sad to see that majestic bird sitting on a windowsill, seemingly all day?

    It kinda breaks...
  13. Re: A test thread goes rogue: what does this mean? :)

    Yes, what exactly was made to disappear by this mysterious beam of light ? Some of that $21 Trillion perhaps???

    That last line is great : "Residents who live around the vicinity have been asked...
  14. Re: A test thread goes rogue: what does this mean? :)

    Yes on the new name!!

    It means that we are irrepresible, indomitable and unstoppable -- especially when we want to have FUN.

    Happy New Decade -- to all Rogue Avalonians!
  15. Re: A test thread goes rogue: what does this mean? :)

    How about "Test Thread Goes ROGUE :)"
  16. Re: A test thread goes rogue: what does this mean? :)

    You might not want to delete this Bill. This might very well evolve into the most important thread ever posted on Avalon -- and the entire Web -- containing the seeds for all future threads of any...
  17. Re: The Sandy Hook trial of the century needs an attorney

    Here's a recent interview with Wolfgang Halbig. He came to this country as a twelve year old boy and he takes his citizenry oath--and the constitution--very seriously--and to heart. He's so...
  18. Re: The Sandy Hook trial of the century needs an attorney

    RIP Mr. Carver, but you sure did give a very bizarre press conference following those Supposed events. 13:25 onward is particularly uh, strange? :

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    Re: Teleporting keys?

    Here's Cynthia Sue Larson's (of realityshifter's) YT channel:

    She's a physicist so she looks at the woo-woo from that point of view, but...
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    Re: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet


    Why don't you put some of your writings into book form? I know you've got the website but a book is much better. Think about it.
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