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  1. Re: US Military kill a red haired giant in Afghanistan

    One of the biggest Mounds is in Cairo southern Illinois. Where it is said they found giant skeletons 6 fingers and red hair. I think one of the skulls ended up in Nevada in that little museum. I dont...
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    Re: Mother Mary in Bosnia, messages and secrets

    Yes it does I have seen it many times in my life. But people will not believe or hear any thing until its there time. That is why one way does not fit all just my 2 cent experience thanks rggray and...
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    Re: Our most poignant songs for 2020: Let's share!

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    Re: Our most poignant songs for 2020: Let's share!


    Just as relevant today as it was back then. What goes around comes around nothing new under the sun.

    The Axman
  5. Re: Live Air-to-Air missile discovered at Florida airport near Tampa

    Maybe its a this is for you Trump if you win. If we can get this here just think what can happen.

    Just a thought.

    The Axman
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    Re: Neil Peart: Rush drummer dies aged 67

    One more of the pioneers has moved on.

    Bitter sweet RIP Neil

    The Axman
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    Re: NASA plans moon base ARTEMIS for 2024

    Like we say Never A Straight Answer.:clapping:
  8. Re: What's the first piece of music you spent your own money on?


    I went to Scotts 5 and dime to buy this 45 when I was 8 years old I felt so cool.
    I was a smoker and joker LOL!

    The Axman
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    Re: Meanwhile, back on the Moon

    Nothing to see here folks its just swamp gas.

    The Axman
  10. Re: Nasa: Something Massive Is Being Monitored Above Our Planet

    As my grand daughter at NASA said to the staff.

    Never A straight Answer

    LOL The Axman
  11. Re: The psychopaths now possess their final solution for humanity.

    No we are to discuses ways of finding the avenues needed to break this apart and I believe Constance has some valid starting points.

    Just my 2 cents

    The Axman
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    Re: Draw your sword, things are about to get real.

    Well Constance I have to say I have had my own not necessarily sword but my own inner moral stance.

    Growing up my parents where divorced and my mom was MIA trying to make a living.

    So I was in...
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    Re: John Prine has passed

    Another good player down sad.

    The Axman
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    Re: Look Who's Coming to the Rescue! Bill Gates...

    You Bet he needs a needle of every vaccine he wants to unleash on society inserted into his left buttocks cheek to make sure its safe.

    The Axman
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Come on why ? Not sure what your doing ?

    Dont think so sorry to hear that my friend. Not right.

    The Axman
  16. Re: LOOK at your sky now, much activity here SE London

    Same tonight all over cast awesome night I will still be outside.

    The Axman
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    Poll: Re: Do you read/study the Bible at all?

    I have read it used to study it.i was raised Lutheran and confirmed.
    As I got old I new from a young age there was more to the stories.Being a repair person electronics mech. Ect. I new the miracle...
  18. Re: LOOK at your sky now, much activity here SE London

    Awesome day today here but complete chemtrailed skies so no night vision of the skies bummer. I have been waiting for it to warm up here so we can get out.

    The Axman
  19. Re: LOOK at your sky now, much activity here SE London

    Hi Axman, which part?[/QUOTE]

    The issue about air traffic. Since I am here. The air traffic in and out of both airports is down to a quarter of the flights. Which equated to about 300 flights...
  20. Re: LOOK at your sky now, much activity here SE London

    Thanks Sunny S Up
    I do think that does derail your OP
    Sorry but I will look into it.

    The Axman
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