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    Re: Messages from the tree beings

    Once i was a kid. Some 40 years ago. Back then trees talked to me, in a way shown decades later in the lord of the rings movies.
    I never heared Them sing. They were all complaining and because i...
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    Re: Mainstream Sportscasters Waking Up

    I see and Hear that in the streets where i live. The blacks act superior. Arjen Robben is gonne play soccer again... Let us cheer ...and ignore.
    Illiterated ppl are ready and well fed. Up.
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    Re: Mainstream Sportscasters Waking Up

    Blm is occupy last tuesday. A whole fkn bunch of ppl get aware, lets change ...nothing happens.

    A lot of the ppl in the black lives matter mouvement have not read a single book.

    Thats the...
  4. Re: Microbiome/Immune Expert Dr. Zach Bush on COVID-19

    Inspiring and brilliant.
    This interview has Dutch subtitels. Truth vibes resonate hugely.
  5. Thread: Funny Songs

    by Samson

    Re: Funny Songs

    Until i got able to translate english i thought this was a lovely little lovesong...

    And then i found out they ( the beautlful south) had these twists in all their songs
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    Re: Gathering rain water

    Dear Ayt get a cat as a pet. A cat is a saveguard for water and food.
    A dog might be a companion, but anything a dog eats or drinks might kill you.
    It may be hard to chew on a mouse but NOTHING...
  7. Sticky: Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus [Covid-19, the Honey Badger virus]

    I honestly think Italy is using this virus as an escapegoat. They are so broke and bankrupt...worse then Greece...

    It wont keep the sun from shining...
  8. Sticky: Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus [Covid-19, the Honey Badger virus]

    The number of new corona cases dropped dramaticly in the Netherlands over the weekend. Handshakes are no langer allowed according to our pm. But we went form 1,2,4,8,16,32,64 128 back to 64.
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    Re: Gathering rain water

    Snow looks white because of the air trapped inside. Glaciers look blue because the air is pressed out.
    Frozen water can look green as well. It depends on how the water freezes.
    But on topic. The...
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    Re: Gathering rain water

    Clear ice is made by stirring or moving the water while it freezes. An ice sculpture carver taught me all there is to know to get perfect transparant ice. What looks white in the picture in post 3 is...
  11. Re: Germany's Deutsche Bank has reportedly filed bankruptcy
    Mainly in Dutch.
    The amounts of money mentioned seem peanuts compared to the 20 Billion in quantative easing the ECB is throwing...
  12. Re: The US Vaccine issue is more than just about "The Shots", it's the Totalitarian Tiptoe

    I read this thread frequently. More and more dots and its all...
  13. Re: No healthy level of alcohol consumption, says major study

    Ill drink to That!
    The oldest person. ..conformed. . lived for over 121 years. She drank two bottles of red wine every day. ..and smoked two packs of...
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    Re: Why do so few Germans comment on this forum?

    Language is a problem. On tv everything is synchronised so most Germans dont see or hear other languages very often. Google translation does a lousy job btw...
  15. Re: Intravenous Vitamin C Cancer Therapy: quite effective

    Sodium ascorbate is one of a number of mineral salts of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

    Both are sold as vitamin C.
    In the Netherlands the ascorbate is sold close to everywhere, the ascorbic acid is...
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    Radio Veronica was illegal on AM in the Netherlands...
    I'm not going to write a book about this but the palingsound (the cats usw)
    We played with the toys available...
    With the same ears and...
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    You're listening to.. I mean reading some total bull****.
    This is not my opinion but a fact.

    My dear Avalonians things are getting serious
    Can we please cut the crap!

    This topic is a 100...
  18. Thread: Land Ownership

    by Samson

    Re: Land Ownership

    squatting... the land is for the living... the creative ones. you cant own it! The over 1000 billionares in the world can buy the world 5 times.
    If they die, their money gives them eternal ownership...
  19. Re: This certainly hurts the sovereign citizen movement...

    It did hurt to read this amendment about personal sovereignty.
    Its about a police find...a ‘House of horrors'...sexslaves...

    Anarchy sovereignty are important to me!
    By removing the title of...
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    Re: A human conundrum

    It is said that God is allknowing allmighty and immortal. If you realiy think about that being God is the most boring position in the universe. To get out of its utterly boring position it split...
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