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    Re: Huge Event On New Years Eve

    I wonder what nuggets of information will be revealed?
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    Huge Event On New Years Eve

    On new years eve, at 12.30 pm GMT, stand by for a very special broadcast live from Australia.

    We can’t tell you yet what will happen other than Rob Halford and friends have something VERY special...
  3. Re: Dutchsinse and others approached by the White Dragon Society

    UCC does apply outside USA.

    Is UCC being used in Australia? Absolutely, yes, although it is not called UCC. Most Australian lawyers have never heard of UCC and even the few who have will argue...
  4. Re: Dutchsinse and others approached by the White Dragon Society

    Clearly, someone is deliberately mixing lots of messages and coming up with slop.

    I think Dutch has been used to spread disinfo and fear.
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    Re: Stepson diagnosed with aggresive Brain Cancer

    Sending love and healing energy.

    This may help.



  6. Re: UFO Think Tank: 'The Truth is Out (T)here' OVNI 飞碟 НЛО ユーフォー

    Bring on Dr. Steven Greer's Siruis movie.
  7. Re: Are you of 'Non-Terrestrial Reincarnational Origin' ?

    1: No

    2 to 15: Yes

    16: No - I love it hot and dislike the cold, even though it rarely gets below 5 deg. C (41 deg. F) where I live.
  8. Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Huge Scale Environmental and Humanitarian Projects to Repair The Ea

    Very interesting. I wish there were more people like you to help rid the world of greedy profiteers.
  9. Re: How is this possible???

    The stock market is a heavily manipulated casino.
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    Re: Reverse Engineering a UFO - History Channel

    Do you feel we are being prep'ed for disclosure? Seems that way.
  11. Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Huge Scale Environmental and Humanitarian Projects to Repair The Earth

    The projects described in the opening post will be fully-funded very soon. :dance: Stay tuned for further updates.
  12. Re: Secret government documents reveal vaccines to be a total hoax Learn

    This is part of their plan to deceive us and limit adverse information that may reduce sales.

    It is common for medicines (and food additives, such as aspartame) to be sold under many different...
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    Re: Pope Benedict Leaves Papacy, 28th February 2013

    Another report at aljazeera
  14. Re: If you juice it instead of heating it it has the power to heal

    The following video, made by the same people, is also worth watching.

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    Re: A new holocaust - every single day

    Our meat obsession is causing so much disease in humans, horrible treatment of the animals and environmental destruction.


    For the record, I eat meat, although much less than I used...
  16. Re: NASA's admits to unidentified objects near space shuttle are real.

    A more credible NASA insider told me, at great risk to his family's safety, they know what those objects are and where they came from.
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    Re: Caching food and more

    Thanks Selene, all good advice except for the plastic bins. Rat's will eat through those in one night if they can smell what's inside.
  18. Re: The number one priority for every human and all of humanity: SURVIVAL

    Very well said.

    Sadly, most people feel bad for about an hour (the length of the video in the OP), then go back to life as usual and they do nothing to reduce the problem and do nothing towards...
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    Re: Caching food and more

    Remember to vermin-proof your food cache. Rats will chew through plastic to get the food. Metal or glass containers are very useful.
  20. Re: Confirmed -- Forums under attack from 23 Jan 2013 (DHS Insider source)

    It's highly likely some of the 3,575 "cyber assets" will be enlightened and "brain rinsed" by what they read here. They are likely to wake up others, just as we have.
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