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    WOW!! I just took a look at the scam artists appearing with Wilcrook at the crazy Dimensions of Disclosure Conference August 23-25. I guess I can add to my scammer list the following: John DeSousa,...
  2. Re: Trump Administration Ends Long-standing Safeguards Protecting Kids from Dangerous Class of Pesticides

    I agree with you Kryz- the world would be a far better place if Hillary had been elected!!!
  3. Thread: Jim Humble update

    by JRS

    Re: Jim Humble update

    Getting the MMS facts to a younger generation
    Sad that Jordan Sather has gotten mixed up in the Cory business. I started paying attention to his YouTube videos after watching this: ...
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    Sad that Jordan Sather has gotten mixed up in the Cory business. I started paying attention to his YouTube videos after watching this:
    ( be nice if...
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    Re: The Wendigo psychosis.

    Interesting to note: Windigo is the name of one of the two main Isle Royale National Park facilities on Isle Royale in Lake Superior. I wonder how they arrived at that name?
  6. Re: The new movie Sirius 2 with David Wilcock and not Steven Greer?

    The full title is "Interview David Wilcock In His House Update September 8, 2019". 2019? Wow!
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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    Thank you Sigma6 for introducing me to the Technical Intuition channel. I actually watched most of the rest of their work. The vid you posted surely wasn't pro Cory Goode. Some of the replies...
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    Re: 'Cosmic Disclosure's EMERY SMITH is a hoaxer.

    It is obvious to me (after watching the interviews and checking the transcripts) that Emery Smith is not talking about Los Tayos cave. David had info from another source about something in Ecuador.
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    Re: Gaia TV: Nazca 3-fingered 'alien mummies'?

    There has been nothing new on "Nazca" since the original 8 programs. The last one said the finger DNA matched the body DNA. Nothing since then. Jaime Mausson has had a Spanish language program airing...
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    Re: Targeted Individual Gretta Fahey: Knowledge is Power

    Hi Omni, I just wanted to thank you for all your valuable testimony and information since 2011. I'm sorry to see the treatment you have received on this thread-seems rather trollish IMO. I actually...
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    Re: Active shooter in Dallas (1 May, 2017)

    The shooter is deceased by his own hand.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Click on Paul's link in post 2 for an update.
  12. Re: FBI quizzes Hillary Clinton on emails 2 July 2016 // Hillary Lied Under Oath.....

    From the article: Does this whole thing seem a little bit odd to anyone else? Yes, it did seem odd to me. I went to the USA Politics Now site (which was dated Mar 31, 2017-not 3 April 2017) and...
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    Re: US gun sales implode

    Supply and Demand Debacle- The gun and ammunition manufacturers ramped up production in 2016 due to their anticipation of a Clinton victory and concomitant 2nd amendment scare driving up sales....
  14. Re: U.S. Post Office lets us see the images they capture of our letters.

    No wonder they keep losing money! Is the CIA/NSA paying for this?
  15. Re: Pizzagate: pedophilia in American elite (with links to related threads)

    Maybe there is another reality-one where Hillary won the election. Maybe some folks would rather be in that reality. I prefer this reality with Trump as President and Sessions as Attorney General.
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    Re: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet

    The “Disruptive Technology” Meme

    I have an issue with you (and anyone else-especially sentient beings ) using phrases such as “delivering ‘disruptive energy’ technology to the public”. The whole...
  17. Re: Rigging the Election: DNC/Hillary's multi front assault.

    Happy New Year Touchtone! Thank you for your service and welcome to Avalon!
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    Re: The Saga of Dr. Pete Peterson

    Last week Pete Peterson did an interview with David Wilcock on his Cosmic Disclosure show on the Gaia Network. Cory Goode was not present. The interview is to be continued in this weeks episode....
  19. Re: In Defense of Sacred Sites from Exploitation, Harm and Desecration (Mount Shasta, and others...)

    Wow! I guess I'm guilty. I have enjoyed drinking the water from the spring in the Shasta City Park. The spring water is "not for human use or consumption"? Wow! Where should Weed and Shasta (towns...
  20. Re: Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Israel, Iran, Putin, and World War III

    Wow! If the Sorcha Faal site is from US Intelligence (as Bill, Rocky, and Fulford have stated) then I find the article that Rocky posted to be REALLY interesting! Is it even possible that a group in...
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