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  1. Re: Go Watch the Movie "Kill the Messenger"

    It's why I don't support either of the Clintons. I went for Perot and Gore, because both Clintons have shady body counts, as well as baggage the TP will bring to fold to cut the CIA's activity. ...
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    Re: The dress code

    Last night I was in a pale yellow gown with assimetrical shapes that glowed like the neon light in the patterns of the dress. There was the same neon coloring surrounding my head like a...
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    Re: A Call To Action

    I think at "certain times in the timeline" a little focus is in order from the beings of good on this planet to go with the consciousness and awakening others.
    Jmo, but I really really feel we are...
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    Re: A Call To Action

    I like to think that those reading an important issue that effects others, are using their emotional connection to feel their pain, and the "likes" support, but another comfirmation that others like...
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    Re: A Call To Action

    Pretty powerful command, and I felt it as it was done, after asking Creator if it was a actual message. Yes, and it also said, how do others know what you say, is a message? They will know.
  6. Re: 12.0 Earthquake Anomaly Off West Coast of Africa! NO REPORT???

    Is this the Canary Island drop off tsunami, we've been hearing about? All those earthquakes and now the big one? Be careful people, be careful.
  7. Re: Egypt's Legendary Library of Alexandria

    And what of our nation? What will remain behind to identify the people who live here? What stone structures of our existence here is available to last the test of time? All other nations will...
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    Re: How Do You Pronounce The Name 'Jesus'?

    Brother Yeshua, God's son. No J in the Hebrew language, it's always been a Y.
  9. Re: Elon Musk: We'll Have Driverless Cars by 2023

    Just hit my broker up. 10 years this could be big. Buffet buying car plant, and programs that keep passengers safe programmed with sensors during travel to avoid collision and the price of...
  10. Re: The Wheel is Turning...Why and How and Where?

    Face it with an observatory study for the best solution.
  11. Re: 32 Facts Exposing the USA Deception - The Republic Fell in February 21, 1871

    Looks like the colonist got drunk and got shagged into a colony of England again. So they laughed at the freedom talk after all these years, KNOWING they had long ago sold us out. All the marches...
  12. Re: Very Dangerous Scary Man Dick Cheney Says next attack on US will be far deadlier than 9/11.......

    So, Voldemort is back on the stage with his gloom and doom planned/predictions. Can I ask someone here why this evil intented psychotic monster is still creeping around freely to destroy nations? I...
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    Yes, ISIS hit the supply depots that the Iraqi Army had and are rubbing our noses in it via tv. That's where it came from along with weapons and eventually the humvees they also have the specialized...
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    When they do, just hang some nooses on the flag poles w TBTF.
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    Re: Birds attacking drones!

    Are the birds telling us technology has gotten to where the drones look like a bird? I think so. And as such they too are "prey" for the hawk.

    Gooo Hawk!

    Let's just hope the psycho's don't...
  16. Re: Why Teal Scott/Swan and the Whole Spiritual Movement is Dangerous! (Video)

    Sheesh, who are these people? What movement? I thought we were meditating for higher frequency vibration for re-connect to higher self? Don't know about new age spiritual movements that cast...
  17. Re: THE HOT ZONE : A chilling 1995 book about Ebola

    I don't know if I should read this yet. I don't want to mix up this book's story, with the one, I'm writing. Good thing that this type of stuff was already done in 2012, and the movement of it from...
  18. Re: David Wilcock Responds To Ben Fulford's Latest Post 10-6-14

    Where's David or Ben's link?
  19. Re: 7 Oct 2014 - Send Your Name on NASA's Journey to Mars, Starting with Orion's First Flight

    Is Mars still the War planet? If so, thanks but no thanks. Got enough of that here on Earth.
    How do they say it? "Out of the frying pan, and into the fire?"
  20. Re: Michael Tellinger - WHO Stops Ebola Treatment in Africa

    Profit over life. Prime farmland to be cleared from the jungles, and resources of gold silver, platinum, diamonds, oil and gas. Sounds like if you live on a rock w/out water resources in some...
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