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  1. Re: My Upcoming Course in Astral Projection.

    Hi Jake. Great idea to create a Group.
    But you forgot to "count me in".
    Not sure if others are in that case.
    Looking forward to get the invite!:happythumbsup:
  2. Re: Do you help the neighborhood kids?

    Pyrangello, your lifestory reminds me of a very positive movie, "Pay it forward".
    What you have accomplished is amazing indeed.

    Is it possible for one idea to change the world?

    With your...
  3. Re: My Upcoming Course in Astral Projection.

    Thanks Jake, for taking this initiative. Looking at the number of interested participants, there was and is a great need for something like this.

    As for my personal experiences, I had 1 important...
  4. Re: Do you help the neighborhood kids?

    It is not so difficult to understand your predicament Strat! Whether in the US or in Europe or in many other places in the world, your question would most probably be answered with a very quick "no"....
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    Re: Wetiko


    More than 4 years ago, the last post was written in this thread about "Wetiko".
    I believe it is worthwhile to bring this subject back to the front, as it is more than ever present in all...
  6. Re: An ancient language phrase: what does this mean??

    Welcome here at Project Avalon Tupelo!:flower:

    You'll meet a lot of like-minded people here and quite a few of us have some experience with past lives and regression.
  7. Re: An ancient language phrase: what does this mean??

    I will give it a try... via a total different approach.
    We don't know indeed - as Edina mentioned above - what the context is of the phrase.
    So, I did my best to be creative... and saw it as an...
  8. Re: Social media as a control mechanism -as deep as humanity itself (study)

    I have seen it too, and it is definitely a "must see".
    Glad to see that others value it too.
  9. Re: How Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo decide what you're going to see

    Interesting thread!

    Has anyone watched "The social dilemma"? If so, what do you think about this documentary?

    And has anyone here read books by Jaron Lanier? If so, what are your ideas about...
  10. Re: Mother Mary in Bosnia, messages and secrets

    Great painting Doug! And a very good thread indeed Billy!

    In the painting I noticed an owl in a walking tree and Orion in the sky. Interesting choice too!
  11. Re: You'll get it in 30 secs/ John Paul Rice/ Incredible testimony

    The version that lasts for 38:12, mentioned here above by Delight is the complete one.
    Very important elements of it are in the last 15 minutes, I think, but the entire account is lucid and clear....
  12. Re: A new Covid risk assessment self-test from Dr Mercola

    Average here. As I have had Diabetes type II for 15 years (but no insulin) and am a bit overweight (not a whole lot), "average" seems OK.
    I can loose some weight yet and make the window for eating...
  13. Re: High blood sugars and high blood pressure

    Has anyone here heard of (or tried) graviola? Another name is soursop or guanabana fruit. The dried leaves can be used to make tea.
    For diabetes there are maybe no real "miracle herbs", unless one...
  14. Re: Star Wars: Faint Memory Of A Highly Advanced Prehistoric Civilization?

    Very good find! I enjoyed reading the story. As it happens, I just got the Star Wars series (the 9 movies) and it will be fun to see the links with the story.
  15. Re: The Real Agenda Behind COVID-19: Vaccines will be tracked via a Biometric System Linked to a Cashless Financial App

    Maybe this is a "stupid" question... I am not sure.
    When nanotechnology is or would be used in vaccines, then surely there are "nanoparticles" of some sort involved.
    There exist microscopes that...
  16. Re: Nexus Magazine free articles and downloads

    Thanks Onawah. I just looked at the downloads you can make, and I found this: The Prophecies of Mitar Tarabich 18th January 2008.
    For the period after WWII till 2050, there is this sentence (which...
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    Re: The Strangest Thing Happened

    Mike, your story reminds me of something PK Dick talked about in one of his books.
    I think it was about a light switch.

    You can read a bit more about this here: ...
  18. Re: The Religious Experience of Philip K Dick by R Crumb

    Phildickian Gnosticism. VALIS, Exegesis... and many other good books, definitely worth reading.

    Interesting anecdote: in 1990 I was on a journey with a group of others in Israël. Visiting the old...
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    Re: What is this?

    Jupiter is "key" in this probably.

    The square is actually a well known order 4 "magic square" with a sum of 34, and stands for Jupiter.
    It was - in a slightly different form, but same numbers -...
  20. Re: Spiritual Superpowers & The Answers to Life

    A crash course on exploring the astral realms.

    Thanks for this brilliant talk on astral projection, Evel.
    Coming from a scientist, I think this is quite special and unusual.

    You give a lot of...
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