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    Re: Why do people hate people?

    Well, my answer was, .......... get rid of all labels!! Nobody should label anyone else, nor should they be labeled. No more white, black, brown, yellow. No more gay, straight, trans, etc.....
  2. Re: Cambridge Professor: White Lives Don't Matter; Abolish Whiteness

    Compare this to the video that Bill posted on the "Menstruators" thread where a white professor stepped down from his position within the University of British Colombia simply because he "liked" a...
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    Re: Your definition of an idiot

    Me. ............
  4. Re: The Fall of the Cabal Part 10: The Return of the King

    Why is it worth a watch? If you supply a link to a website, or u-tube, or whatever, give a little description of what the link or website is. It 'aint that hard to do.

    EDIT: The above was my...
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    It's also a bit creepy. And under certain circumstances can get him thrown in jail.

    See, this is a good example of how communication via computer verses talking to someone face to face can lead...
  6. Thread: All Lives Matter

    by Orph

    Re: All Lives Matter

    Let's not get too absorbed into this "thanking" mind-set. Somewhere there is an entire discussion/thread about the use of this "thanks" icon. If nobody has thanked your thread (yet), so what? ...
  7. Re: The murder of George Floyd in police hands, Minneapolis, 25 May 2020

    Amsterdam 'aint the US. How many people are that accomplished in the martial arts that they think they can intervene in such a situation? And yes, here in the US, if you intervene you will be piled...
  8. Re: The murder of George Floyd in police hands, Minneapolis, 25 May 2020

    Bystander effect doesn't really apply in police situations. There isn't much a person can do without being piled on by more police and arrested for interfering. (The person intervening absolutely ...
  9. Thread: Aurora Aksnes

    by Orph

    Re: Aurora Aksnes

    Another truly angelic voice is Loreena Mckennitt.
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Yup. I missed it. :doh: :)
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    Re: 'UFO' term is redundant

    People see things up in the sky that they have no idea what it is. Could be something from another planet. Could be a drone or a plane. Could be some alien dropping magic powder into our universe or...
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    Re: Strange sleeping habits and their origins

    I have a sleeping habit/behavior called snoring. I personally believe this behavior goes back to the day's (and night's) of the caveman. At night, the caveman would stumble around in the dark...
  13. Re: What was it like growing up with your generation?

    School playgrounds weren't fenced in and locked up like they are now. In the summer us kids could go play basketball, baseball, football, or play on the swings and stuff.

    I remember swinging so...
  14. Re: The Global Peace Meditation is happening later TODAY

    I firmly believe in what you did here. That our energy can intermingle with other "energies", whether that be Mother earth, an animal, or even a virus. I believe it is possible to communicate, learn,...
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    Re: Attention, Patriots!

    First amendment to Dennis's list: Are you patriotic to the New England Patriots? ----- Hell no.
    (Sorry. Couldn't resist).

    Anyway, I don't consider myself to be a patriot of anything no matter...
  16. Re: Proxima Centauri b ETs rescue Julian Assange, teleport Donald Trump into Belmarsh prison!

    Tough question to answer. The first half of my life was spent trying to figure out how to operate and succeed in this physical 3D world. I failed miserably. Very little works for me here. The second...
  17. Thread: Racism

    by Orph

    Re: Racism

    We all live in an imperfect world filled with crap we have no control over. We can only do our best to do what we feel in our hearts is right. But ultimately, we are all still part of the problem....
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    Re: You Are The Illuminati

    Under those conditions then perhaps yes, maybe I would've become a sadistic killer. But would that be the "real" me? I remember once, a long time ago, when I was just a kid, I was watching a nature...
  19. Re: The Higher Self and transcendent experience, including OBEs

    I'm not understanding the "Understanding the self" video. He says that self-realization isn't about becoming your higher self, or super self, or whatever other name you might ascribe to it. He says...
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    Re: Animals are Magical

    Wow. That must be a dream come true for a female. She doesn't have to change her wardrobe. Her wardrobe changes for her.
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