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  1. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Have you read the website ?
    What do U think of the statements about ELF probes and Majestic?
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    Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus [COVID-19]

    Was the 2020 Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) an engineered biological attack on China by America for geopolitical advantage?
    It does seem farfetched, doesn’t it?

    That the United States will risk...
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    Our Finite world

    Scientific Models and Myths: What Is the Difference?
    Posted on December 17, 2019 by Gail Tverberg
    Most people seem to think, “The difference between models and myths is that models are scientific,...
  4. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    effectively they managed to paint a bullseye on every US official worldwide !
  5. Re: Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a (Victim of a) Fraud

    I thought I was done with this subject until I started exploring the subject of "manipulation by Guilt"

    Here is an interesting article, too long for me to post as a whole.
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    Re: The Incredible Shrinking Overton Window

    Shattering The Overton Window

    Authored by Robert Gore via

    Aim your rocks at glass houses.

    The Overton window is the range of policies politically acceptable to the...
  7. Re: The Turmoil/Chaos Pattern all over the Planet

    Deplorables Versus the Ruling Class: A Global Struggle[/SIZE][/SIZE][/B]

    By Chet Richards

    Consider the age of monarchs. Squabbling barons select a supreme ruler – a king or an emperor -- to...
  8. Re: Have you seen this new Hancock book? "The Master Game...Secret Rulers of the World"

    Here is to a different Master Game:

    "The Master Game" by Robert de Ropp
    If life is a game, let's figure out how to play it well.
    "Seek, above all, for a game worth playing."
    - Robert de Ropp
  9. Re: Jeffrey E. Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking by fed [6th July, 2019].

    Epstein "Admitted To Me He Was A Spy", Ex-Biz Partner Warns "He's Got Prince Andrew Pinned To The Wall"

    by Tyler Durden
    Tue, 12/24/2019 - 06:55
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    Re: Seeing through all the mind control

    AT A GLANCE...

    Governmental mind control programs are well-known, having been declassified and exposed over the decades. But how many remember the point is first and foremost about...
  11. Re: The Turmoil/Chaos Pattern all over the Planet

    Hong Kong Police Arrest 4 Alleged Financiers Of The Protest Movement
    On Thursday, police in Hong Kong announced the arrests of several individuals whom they described as leaders of the Hong Kong...
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    Re: Some questions for any time traveler

    Guest editorial, New Seattle Province, June 1, 2915. A fragment of
    an ancient digitized file was discovered today during an
    archeological dig in the region once known as the American
  13. Re: Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a (Victim of a) Fraud

    Did you enjoy the show ? (i did)
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    Cleaning up Plastic Pollution

    Breakthrough !
    Boyan Slat unveils The Ocean Cleanup Interceptor

    Boyan Slat, a young Dutch entrepreneur and his group, The Ocean Cleanup, have invented an ingenious collection barge to clean...
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    Re: Wikipedia and the Abuse of Truth

    Wikipedia Fraud EXPOSED: Troll farms and the CIA have hijacked the once open platform
    12/9/2019 -- Somewhere, USA -- For those who value knowledge, this comes as a sad surprise. Wikipedia once was...
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    Re: Global Warming, Global Cooling or.. ??

    youtube says videos not available
  17. Re: Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a (Victim of a) Fraud

    They offer a donkey to Greta Thunberg to get to Madrid: "The expenses would be on our side"

    The generous offer comes from the Association of Neighbours in Toledo.

    No doubt, little Greta will be...
  18. Re: Time to stop the unnatural manipulation of the weather.

    If a shaman manipulates the weather (tnk rainmaker) is that natural or un-natural?
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    Re: How thought becomes reality

    Factors that affect the (OODA Loop) mental model
    OODA loops are only as effective as the amount of time it takes to execute a response. Factors that can affect the efficiency of the process include:...
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    Re: How thought becomes reality

    Mental models- These are representations or explanations of human behavior that exist on a personal, internal level. A person can generate a mental model in order to understand their thought...
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