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  1. Thread: What is Life?

    by amor

    Re: What is Life?

    You have a kindly face "thepainterdoug." It shows a kindly life of the heart well lived.
  2. Thread: What is Life?

    by amor

    Re: What is Life?

    Life is the consciousness of the Prime Creator which has separated into Files resulting from the main consciousness breaking into many possibilities, each of which resolves into a limited result. ...
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    Re: Richard Dolan's Radio Shows and Interviews

    Having read all sorts of things re UFO's which apparently come from inside our planet from the several civilizations which exist there and had them developed before we had the wheel, and observed the...
  4. Re: Just released: S.K. Bain's Latest: "Black Jack: The Dawning of the New Great Age of Satan"

    I thought the coming 26,000 years were to be Heaven on Earth and not Black Jack in Hell! Which is it? Can someone enlighten me?
  5. Re: Happy Summer Solstice and Congratulations to Phil Scherrer!

    Can we prevail upon Dr. Scherer to comment upon that video on showing a huge planet-sized orb using a tremendous HOZE to put something into the orb of the sun OR remove something from the...
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    Re: You Are Being Groomed......

    What is OA Bubu? The subject of this video is truly chilling. First, they take away the people's gold under lying pretenses and then give them paper "money." Then they invent the current thieving...
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    Re: Is the Vedas' version of hell truth...?

    Famous research psychiatrists (whose names I cannot now remember) have treated hopeless schizophrenics with huge doses of vitamin C intravenously and reversed otherwise seemingly incurable attacks of...
  8. Re: The US Vaccine issue is more than just about "the Shots", it is about totalitarian tiptoe

    I believe just about everyone has heard of THE WORLD GENOCIDE PROGRAM TO KILL OFF THE POPULATION BY MEANS OF FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE. The NAZI technique was to create laws prohibiting population...
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    It would appear that the NAZIs control industry, science and health care in America and elsewhere and that their brains are as merciless and sick as an AI robot gone mad. I believe it is no...
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    Re: Is this US Spy Plane laying chemtrails?

    Chemtrails are emitted from nozzles located on the wing in short spurts which when they are spreading out long after the aircraft has disappeared look like little nipples descending vertically from...
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill Ryan

    Dear Bill: Thank you for Projects Camelot and Avalon and for the real world education they have given me and many others. My love also to your cute doggie. Happy Birthday.
  12. Re: A very realistic 'Giant Skeleton' in Thailand (an art exhibit)

    There were Giants on this earth, and I don't mean 40 feet tall; they were all of one half a mile in height, and perhaps much larger also. However, this had to be during a time when the planet was...
  13. Re: 'This is about saving capitalism': the Dutch historian who savaged Davos elite

    When looking at this problem, one must not forget to thoroughly scrutinize the world bankers, who by manipulating their control of the stock market computerized system of quickly manipulating stock...
  14. Re: New sky map reveals hundreds of thousands of new galaxies

    Concerning the ability of astronomers to SEE and UNDERSTAND the structure of more of the Universe by developing instrumentation which can SEE in differing WAVELENGTHS, it would then be desirable to...
  15. Re: New sky map reveals hundreds of thousands of new galaxies

    As this subject directly relates to an observation I made here in the past concerning an idea of how and why the galaxies emit vast beams of seeming energy from their rotating centers, I will state...
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    Re: Soul Destroy - Eternal Death

    Dearest Omni. If it were indeed possible for those black souls to do these things to you, know that whatever they do is only on this timeline. You are replicated endlessly on infinite timelines, I...
  17. Re: Sublime and/or Spiritual Experiences of the Natural World..

    Since these stories are about nature connection with animals, there is one of mine which may fit in. I have spent long periods of time alone, communicating with lizards, birds, stray cats because...
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    Re: Voice-to-Skull Via Lasers

    In the 1980's, voice to skull tech. was aimed at our home and me specifically. A telephone rang in my head. I realized immediately this was technology. My name was called "in my mother's voice." ...
  19. Re: Newly-Released MKUltra Docs: The CIA Made Remote-Controlled Dogs With Brain Surgery

    After reading about these mind control experiments, I connect them with all the stories we are hearing about a family member, usually a man, killing his entire family and then himself. There have...
  20. Re: Big Pharma Monsanto-Bayer and the Monopolizing of GMO "Herbal Medicine"

    I tried, but my eyes would burn out if I had to read a book-long post on computer. All that I know about this weed as used in the tropics is that those who use it have very RED EYES (I presume as a...
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