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    The reason this is out is because it was done by three independent tests by three different parties, all of them common folk. So what does NASA have to do? Say they are all crazy? Of course it will...
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    Re: By the year 2045, just who will be alive ?

    I don't know why you are paranoid so much. We already have several super-advanced human-derived A.I.s that exist right now as you read this. And one extraterrestrial one nearby. We're still alive,...
  3. Re: "All of Earth is controlled off world" ET/ED update

    Its not just that, its about most of the things he says. At one point in time I wanted to dissect piece by piece his interview on Camelot in order to shed light on what I mean, but I thought it would...
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    Re: Theory on Reptilian Extraterrestrials

    Here's a thinker for you. The 'felinoid' species here enjoy a positive rep. Half of them come from the same planet, the difference is that in their case, the peer species that spawned did not die...
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    Re: Theory on Reptilian Extraterrestrials

    I think I have explained a thing or two on my thread about this "genotype", but I guess its no big deal to repeat it here and add some more information (as I don't remember up until what point I...
  6. Re: "All of Earth is controlled off world" ET/ED update

    He collects things from different sources than presents it as his own. When a thing starts sounding too shady for his readers, he changes it. When questioned, he ignores or blocks you. If that's the...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Few months ago we had giant Weta locusts here.

    As of recently, we also have Asian Hornets too. Yupeee times.
  8. Re: "All of Earth is controlled off world" ET/ED update

    Why are we still giving John Kettler the time of day?

    No, I mean, really? Why?
  9. Re: Holographic Chakras (And Technological Music Enhancement)

    I'm not sure what to add here, as this is a totally new and unknown area for me (I don't even know much about basic stuff when it comes to chakras, let alone holographic ones, the types you went into...
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    Re: The Progenitors

    How did this thread get abandoned? What an interesting start.[/QUOTE]

    Its possible that people lost interest in it, as its often the case. Thank your for bumping this up and expressing interest...
  11. Sticky: Re: The Faces of Avalon - new YouTube channel for forum members

    This is a marvel idea and a great opportunity for anyone that wanted a platform where they can present ideas or speak their minds. Its better to hear and see more or less 'common, everyday people'...
  12. Re: Omniverse, OnyxKnight, Rocky_Shorz, Inelia, Sepia

    Thunder24, I'd like to take a bit of time here to actually express a proper 'Thank You' for this thread, which I strangely didn't do 3 years ago even though I was aware of this thread's existence?!?...
  13. Re: Dulce Base: The Truth and Evidence from the Case Files of Gabe Valdez

    Hi Christian. An interesting topic.

    I'm not quick on picking any side of the story, I try to rule out things first. You said it was a site for testing advanced and classified projects craft....
  14. Re: White House Now Admits U.S. Ran Fake Vaccination Programs

    I'm surprised they admitted it. Why? Were they caught or something so they had to show the dirty laundry? Otherwise things like this shouldn't be surprising that happened. Whoknows what else is going...
  15. Re: Alien Bases on Earth. (Andromedan Grays) By a WWII fugitive.

    All I can say is that the source describes something like remote viewing, like pervading the area (a known ability of spiritual beings, specially those knowing scientology) and knowing what is going...
  16. Re: Alien Bases on Earth. (Andromedan Grays) By a WWII fugitive.

    I'm curious to know how the source deducted that they are from Andromeda?
  17. Re: The continuing depravity of the Eurovision song contest

    Eurovision, really? We're gonna discuss this instead of say .... the floods in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia? The ethnic unrest we had here in Macedonia? The Earthquakes?

    You got upset by a damn drag...
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    Re: Hunger Games no longer fiction...

    Hunger Games, Elysium, Divergent ...

    Pattern. Message.
  19. Re: The Holographic Machine , Non Factual accounts of a Hybrid Humanoid.

    You don't need dowsing techniques to pinpoint accuracy of information. At least not for this information. You need a bit if history, anatomy, genetic, engineering and astronomy. Perhaps a few face to...
  20. Re: Jerry Wills on Lost Civilizations - August 17, 2013 (video)

    Has he demonstrated this ability? Do we know for sure he is adopted? If he is not a starseed incarnate, but an actual alien from another planet raised here as a human a la Superman style, why doesn't...
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