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    Re: The ice bucket challenge. Would you?

    A worthy cause, just misdirected. No medical authority has any interest in curing ANYTHING. These vile money raising schemes are of the lowest vibration, simply a mechanism to suck more patients into...
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    Re: To USA citizens from the Queen (fun sarcasm)

    Did we ever gain independence from London? It does not appear that way when looking at corporate structures and movement of money.
  3. Thread: Smart Meters!

    by conk

    Re: Smart Meters!

    Opt out if you can. Apart from the health hazard, these devices are spies and control mechanisms. Just one more tool in the arsenal of the elites. Control, surveillance, and more control!
  4. Re: Senior CIA Officer Claims Knowledge of Roswell-Alien Cover-up
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    Re: Good luck getting your cat to do this ;)

    That's because the cat's brain is so inadequate and small. Cats aren't aloof, they are just plain stupid. No offense to cat lovers, it's just the facts. No, I don't hate cats. ;)
  6. Re: Student arrested and suspended for writing about shooting neighbor's dinasaur

    Just imagine a world with 'authorities' that come out of this generation of dumbed down dopes. it can only get worse. sigh........
  7. Re: Police shoots man, cuffs corpse, live on camera St Louis yesterday

    So, just kill a deranged man for being so?! What ever happened to the 'billy club'? A tazer? But death?!?! That's cold hearted. That's no hearted.
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    Re: ISIS parade is telling...

    I could not watch the burning video to completion. I tried, in honor of the people who were killed, but could not see through the tears. I could easily lose my faith in mankind. Understanding this...
  9. Re: Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup

    According to Dr. Bruce West, 1 in 68 children will develop autism. In the years before escalation in vaccines the numbers were 1 in 10,000. Also, during the same period the use of antibiotics soared....
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    Re: Mayhem in Missouri Breaks Out

    When no one will buy anymore of our debt. When the grocery is not stocked. When the welfare and food stamps stop. What will these kinds of people do? More of these insane antics and on a far grander...
  11. Re: Police Union Commissar: If You Resist, You Should Expect to Die

    There is legal precedent that indicates a strong moral, ethical, and constitutional REQUIREMENT to resist an unlawful order or arrest. F him!
  12. Re: The hypervaccinated USA --and it is not just the toxic adjuvants

    Let us never forget ILL INTENT! They have it in abundance at the very top. The doctors are simply trained in the false paradigm and are well intentioned. What bothers me about the doctors is their...
  13. Re: * NO MENTION OF CHEMTRAILS *... Number of people diagnosed with dementia soars by 60% in just SEVEN years

    Niacinamide, a B vitamin, is extremely helpful in preventing and curing dementia. As are high quality, raw fatty acids. Coconut oil being at the top of the list.
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    Re: Perry has begged to join the Illuminati

    If you can find a picture of the Rolling Stone cover photo of her, there is the all seeing eye just under her ear. Can't tell if it's an ear ring or what.
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    Re: What the hell is going on

    Vast castles built on a foundation of abused people's bones will collapse at some point. It seems the world has reached a point where the poor and abused have nothing left for the blood suckers to...
  16. Thread: Just a thought..

    by conk

    Re: Just a thought..

    The key is getting enough of us think the same thoughts at the same time. Fortunately thoughts born of vast consciousness and awareness are exponentially stronger than thoughts created from fear and...
  17. Thread: I am the universe

    by conk

    Re: I am the universe

    There is no thing that is not God. So, yes you are correct. You are the Universe. Me too. :)
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    Re: The Best Drinks in the World

    This has become my go-to drink as well. Simply love the taste. Add a little stevia and it makes a great iced tea. Suggest all give it a try. The health benefits are incredible (see RunningDeer's list...
  19. Re: The King of Hawai'i Orders US Govt to Cease & Desist

    I'm sorry (that I have created this crazy world)
    Please forgive me (as I release the negative resonance attached to us all)
    Thank You (gratitude being second in power only to love)
    I Love You (THE...
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    Re: **From the musings of no consequence**

    "I dunno Mom, I just poured different things into the tube and BAM this whole big thing burst forth"

    "I told you to put that thing away and wash your hands for supper". "That's the last thing we...
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