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  1. Re: Update from David Wilcock 2014-10-27: Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal

    I think at a certain point he got too involved with Niel Keenan and Benjamin Fulford for me, and was reporting a lot of their information. While I enjoyed reading it at the time, none of it has come...
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    Re: Utopia Movie HD October 2014

    If you don't want to sit throughh having to listen to Alex Jones, as that can be painful, here is the trailer for the movie.
  3. Re: Update from David Wilcock 2014-10-27: Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal

    Good stuff so far, just read section one, and those movie analogies seem spot on. I appreciate his consistent positivity and optimism amongst our chaotic turbulent times.
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    After I watched this in theatres, for the rest of the day my crown chakra felt blown wide open, in a good way. Anyone else get actual physical sensation from this moving, minor shofts in...
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    Re: Time-Lapse | Earth (Low Earth Orbit)

    this app is free today(normally $1.99), for apple users, havent tried it much yet, but looks cool.
    Turn your screen into a window aboard the ISS, through Earthlapse....
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    Re: Suspicious0berservers

    Here is an update from his digging today.
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    Re: Suspicious0berservers

    I wouldn't say he is claiming that, he is saying that it is a possibility. These videos are way more educational than Planet X mumbo jumbo, he is citing studies and articles done by major scientists...
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    Re: Suspicious0berservers

    I think that Ben Davidson is wrong, the magnetic flip might not happen in the many thousand years to come and even if it happens earlier than that, nothing would happen, no mass extinction, no super...
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    Re: Suspicious0berservers[/QUOTE]

    Im sorry, but I call bull-****. Who cares if...
  10. Re: Magnetic Pole Reversal Underway -- Science Daily

    I just started a thread with some videos by Suspicious0bservers talking about this exact thing. Skme big changed happening right now...
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    This first video is todays daily video put out by Suspicious0observers, I felt this one was particularly interesting and important. I also wanted to share in case you have not heard of these guys. ...
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    Re: Anonymous Update 10-11-2014

    Let it be true!
    The hard part for me to swallow about Anon is there intro with a grid over a planet, like a prison system, and then there logo is very governmental. But then I also believe Anon...
  13. Re: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will : Russia to USA

    This has been shown as a hoax already in a previous thread.
    As it originated jn Jan 2013 here :
    Previous thread :...
  14. Re: Impact of Open ET Contact - Edgar Mitchell, Simon Parkes, Alfred Webre, JD, Tolec

    There is no way in hell open contact will NOT happen. Think about what was known just 5 years ago compared to today. It's coming and it's coming sooner rather than later. In fact, a big part of...
  15. Re: Pilots, Doctors & Scientists Tell Truth about Chemtrails

    I was curious who this Dennis guy was, so i clicked on the source and found another article he wrote as well. The last sentence in this quote pretty much sums up his ignorance.

    "When anti-science...
  16. Re: Science Proves Hugging Trees Is Good for Health

    From my favorite buddhist writer, Tich Naht Hanh

    When we hug, our hearts connect and we know that we are not separate beings. Hugging with mindfulness and concentration can bring reconciliation,...
  17. Re: Signs Of Change Aug/Sept 2014 | Flood Of Extremes

    In case you have not watched the suspicious 0berservers video on climate change, here it is...really good and informative
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    Ice age is coming?

    This article came across my FB newfeed today, I am wondering what you scientifically minded Avalonians think about it.

    UPDATE: this is from 2010, as it was pointed out to me. Any merit still? ...
  19. Re: Mega corporation buys out invention that would put oil and gas out of business

    I am no engineer, but would it be possible to create a system in which compressed air is continually created while driving?
  20. Re: Rockefellers sell all fossil fuel investments and switch to clean energy $50 billion

    I thought it was very fishy when i watched the daily vice news today that the Flood wall street protest and this Rockerfeller announcement coincided. They really do fuel both pun intended.
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