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  1. DARK MOFO: A Blatant Satanic Festival in Hobart

    Below is what my partner, Michelle, had to say about the blatantly satanic ceremony known as 'Dark Mofo'. They are seeking to make satanism mainstream.

  2. Re: Kangaroo Carcass shows Typical Big Cat Predation

    One Australian researcher, Vaughan King, believes there are three different types of big cat in Australia, mountain lions, leopards and jaguars.
  3. Kangaroo Carcass shows Typical Big Cat Predation

    Hi all!

    I am a delivery driver, and drive from Rosebud to Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula on a regular basis. I pass through Green's Bush, a wilderness reserve that is home to a large...
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    Re: Welcome to the Star Family Conference

    I am slowly uploading videos of most of our speakers to the Star Family Conference youtube page. This is Tony Rodrigues' talk, part 1. I'm the MC. Tony's talk begins around the 4.33 mark.

  5. Re: FINALLY sealed indictments UNSEALED (maybe)!

    Change always comes from within. The events of the outer world are merely reflections of our inner world. What are each of us doing to realise these changes within ourselves?
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    Re: Welcome to the Star Family Conference

    The Star Family Conference was a success! We changed people's lives. Financially we didn't break even (Not by a long shot) but in all other ways it went off very smoothly. We had Rob Potter and Tony...
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    Re: Welcome to the Star Family Conference

    Thanks, Mr. X.

    Yes, time has flown. I think it could be said that we BOTH did that interview of Alec! I did ask him to be a speaker, but he doesn't fly, as you know. How is the UFO activity in...
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    Re: Welcome to the Star Family Conference

    Thanks, regnak.

    We hadn't gotten as far as considering live streaming. Just organising speakers and getting the website up has been a full time job. We have learnt so much in this process.
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    Welcome to the Star Family Conference

    Hi, I'm Guy. I'm an experiencer and have been since my childhood. I have experienced missing time, and been presented with hybrid children in the dream state. I have interviewed Mary Rodwell and Alec...
  10. Re: Battlesbury Hill Crop Circle, 5 July 2017

    A simple, beautifully balanced design. The surrounding terrain is incredibly interesting, showing a long history of habitation (I've watched my fair share of Time Team!). Is that a multi tiered hill...
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    Re: Invisible Friend

    When I was a boy I had an invisible friend called Barry. I would pretend that we played downball together, and that we always seemed to come up against each other in the World Championship. I...
  12. Re: New Michael Salla Interview w/Secret Space Program Slave

    Fascinating listening! Tony comes across as very brave and authentic. He has been through some highly traumatic experiences. His delivery when he recounts his story is flowing and detailed. The...
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    Re: Meet an ABDUCTEE from England

    What Robert reveals is just the tip of the iceberg. It would be interesting to have him and his sister undergo regression hypnosis in order to recover more details of these encounters, including the...
  14. Re: UFO Destroys Chemtrail, Alien Technology? UFOs protecting Earth? Sept 2016

    I would like to believe that our group awareness of chemtrails has reached such a level that now allows the benevolent ET's to act on our behalf.
  15. Re: Spiritual Places to Visit in the U.K.?

    Thank you all very, very much for your heartfelt suggestions. My partner and I have read through them, and some we are really connecting with. One in particular is the Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist...
  16. Spiritual Places to Visit in the U.K.?

    Hi all! My partner is travelling to the U.K. with a girlfriend for a few weeks. Both are working psychics. They will be visiting Ireland, Scotland and England and will have a hire car or use of a...
  17. Re: Intriguing recorded 3 hour interview allegedly with an ET group

    I would have assumed the voice of a benevolent E.T. to be melodious, rich and mesmerizing.
  18. Re: 10 Million Views within 20 Hrs ... Engine Revolution?

    I have mentioned this before, but will do so again here. When I was passing through Byron Bay I made an effort to contact and interview a few of the members of Byron New Energy who were working on a...
  19. Re: The Aussie Camino, And Other Pilgrimages

    Thanks, Mojo, for seeing in me what I can't see for myself. Yes, I guess I am searching for something meaningful in my life to do, to take me forward into a new phase. Something that defines me,...
  20. The Aussie Camino, And Other Pilgrimages

    I was surfing the net looking for spiritual places to go worldwide, and came upon a few pilgrimages I hadn't heard of before so I thought I'd share.

    We have all heard of the Camino de Santiago in...
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