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  1. Re: Public Service Announcement: an army of strawmen has been spotted

    Fear (maintain life in the body) and desire (procreate) come before love, and other emotions.

    this is why fear and desire are used as a combination by the PTB for control. The body colors thought...
  2. Re: David Icke, Jim Stone and All Anti-Jewish Slanderers - I'm Going to Sue You

    IMO, I think the thread can be closed.

    Those eclipses can be powerful, usually about 10x stronger than a full moon. That peak was yesterday, around 5:30pm EST yesterday.

    That's what I feel I'm...
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    Re: Boeing MH370 disappears in flight with 239 passengers

    Just a little reality on the debris field front. Why there should have been a way to find something. from the Swissair flight 111 crash, in water... in Canada:

  4. Re: Rogue Element Within The Intelligence World

    It is inevitable that any power structure that resides in the world of tiers, organization, ritual and hierarchy..WILL be infected by secret organizations. They are a natural target of such a...
  5. Thread: Solar Charts

    by Carmody

    Re: Solar Charts

    Electric universe.

    In this case, millions of electron volts of field stressing,and massive fields of potential.

    in the case of a laboratory situation, IF one was to toss a large amount of...
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    Re: Shots fired inside Canada parliament

    Well, you can't have everything.

    People should try and understand, to know that Stephen Harper cannot read aloud an announcement, he can't speak without reading it off a page. He can't even...
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    Re: Shots fired inside Canada parliament

    10 years ago, anyone could walk into the Parliament buildings of Canada.

    Obviously they are looking to increase the size of the gap, and increase it's inherent alienation, where the politicians...
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford 10- 20- 2014

    I guess the thing that put Harper in power in Canada is working hard to radicalize and polarize the country well enough that they can slip by (inch by inch) programs and plans that move Canada into...
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford 10- 20- 2014

    It's not really a black hole, it is a zero energy balance point, as seen from our reality. Our reality being a quantum discrete vantage point (one of many) of a pair of 2d fields in oscillatory...
  10. Re: VT issues first Ebola warning ( website taken down a couple hours)


    As for the accuracy of Veterans Today.

    Gordon has repeatedly said that articles tend to not be entirely correct. Lots of errors, as being correct, is deadly. It (being correct)...
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    Secret societies love vehicular "accidents". One of their top 'first line attempt' methods of doing away with people.

    They control courts and police in many countries, so they can control the...
  12. Re: This 29 Year Old Woman Will End Her Own Life On Nov 1, 2014

    I figure that she can do as she feels she needs to do and listen to the people and messages that she feels she needs to. Her motion, her move, her understandings (evolving or otherwise)...whatever...
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    Re: MMS Siezed by Health Canada

    the key is the origins of the problem with the swelling. Like anything that kills off unwanted bacteria and parasites, the body can be overloaded with dead matter that is going to need to be cleared...
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    Re: THE HOT ZONE : A chilling 1995 book about Ebola

    A not so hypothetical scenario, as it is built on past behavioral history and evidence:

    In effect, a perfected cure is found, it is absconded with.

    The shutdown of inquiry and work in that...
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    Re: MMS Siezed by Health Canada

    It's kind of difficult to see it as a poison, when there are skids of bags of it at most large water treatment plants, and it is poured into the water at almost any and all water treatment plants...
  16. Re: NASA Brings Scientists & Theologians Together To Prepare World For Extraterrestrial Contact

    When the time comes..there will be no forgiveness for the clutching thieving murdering fascists, dictators, and imperialists.

    Eradication down to the last genetic trace. No emotions on the matter,...
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    Re: Wikipedia Edit Wars

    Yes, wiki is controlled and reverses any 'forward thinking' additions into things that tow the party line.

    I tried to edit their alchemy section once or twice, to include modern data on it's...
  18. Re: VT issues first Ebola warning ( website taken down a couple hours)

    Some agenda of some sort is definitely moving forward.

    My physical location puts me at an essential bottleneck for transport.

    That bottleneck has been in the middle of being rebuilt for the...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    no idea....

    I just found out that 'a true creator' has passed. (origin of a 'music') Mark Bell of LFO. Probably not to everyone's taste, but there are times, I think when it will seem right.

  20. Re: 10/18/2014 -- Hurricane Gonzalo hit by Microwave Pulse "anomaly" -- Weather Modification 101

    It was also done when the storm was directly on a well known ley/vortex line, one with 'ugly' connotations and a rather nasty past record.
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