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  1. Joseph P. Farrell interview on Jeffrey Epstein

    this to me is the most explosive, informative explanation of the Jeffrey Epstein yet-

    Farrell's assessment of things never ceases to boggle my mind- 16 min.
  2. Re: Does anyone know anything about Peter Levenda's wellbeing?


    many thanks for the info but I don't 'do' social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter-

    maybe at some point Levenda will realise he's limiting his audience-

    many thanks-

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    Re: Healing genital warts, and AIDS

    nobody (at least publicized anymore) dies of HIV anymore;

    most AIDS deaths were the result of the treatment AZT (to my knowledge not used anymore);

    I lost several good friends to AIDS (AZT?) so...
  4. Does anyone know anything about Peter Levenda's wellbeing?

    Hi all-

    I've been searching for info for weeks re: info about incredible alternative researcher Peter Levenda;

    he hasn't posted anything on his website ( in over a yr. and...
  5. Re: Some wise and notable quotes by Marilyn Monroe


    there's still a lot of mystery surrounding MM's death; according to my gleaned sources she shared a a lot of pillow talk between JFK and RFK; so what was she aware of that she maybe...
  6. Re: Some wise and notable quotes by Marilyn Monroe

    if I may add to the Marylin Monroe quotes:

    MM was anything but dumb- she played dumb but was anything but-

    yrs. ago I went to an exhibition in Basel, Switzerland (near where I live) donated by...
  7. Re: Watching Eurasia and the New Silk Road / One Belt One Road (OBOR)

    there has never been a 'new' "Silk Road" and the conquest for it has always been the same- nothing changes- changing labelings doesn't change an original agenda-

  8. Re: Is Bigfoot at least partly interdimensional?

    read anthropologist Lloyd Pye's book "Everything You Know is Wrong" and the sequel book "Everything You Know is Still Wrong" about Big Foot/Sasquatch; very revealing-

    I figure anthropologists are...
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    Re: 20 Dead in El Paso Walmart Shooting

    we don't know if this guy acted alone or if there we're multiple shooters; there's always a single patsy who is blamed- has always been the case-

  10. Re: Worldwide Chemtrail Reporting by Avalon Members

    world wide chem trailing has been going on everywhere- including here in Germany-

    we're all being sprayed like roaches-

    any questions?

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    Re: What sparks joy in you?

    the only thing that invokes joy in my life is the truth- it's that easy-

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    Re: David Icke and Shaun Atwood!!

    despite the provided info by David Icke if one has read Dr. Judy Wood's book "Where Did the Towers Go?" let alone Dr. Joesph P. Farrell's book "Rogue Networks, Hidden Finance and Secret Sorcery" the...
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    Re: David Icke and Shaun Atwood!!

    @Running Dear

    Paula, you're the greatest!


    Larry in Germany
  14. Re: Is NWO really NEW, or makeup of very OLD governance ?

    all one needs to do is read A. Huxley's "Brave New World" and George Orwell's "1984" to find out what is planed for us- it's that simple- but nobody wants to believe it-

  15. Re: Overview of ET Intervention On Earth by Kerry Cassidy

    since when one once on this website has denied ET interference on things?- or other sources?

  16. Re: Ticks, midges (sandflies) and mosquitoes - solutions to prevent being bitten by the suckers!

    Hi all,

    here in my area of SW Germany tics are a huge problem (all along the Rhine valley from Switzerland up to ca. Mannheim): we are infested with tics and they can carry Lyme disease as well as...
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    Re: Mike Adams interviewed by Dave Hodges

    this info is nothing new-

    this sort of info is what David Icke has been trying to inform people about for decades- until people GET IT and absorb it into their thick, dumbed-down cell/smart phone...
  18. Re: David Paulides on Bigfoot, Wild Men and Giants

    I've had too many freaky paranormal experiences in my life not to believe there are other dimensions out there- probably why I'm on Avalon-

  19. Re: David Paulides on Bigfoot, Wild Men and Giants

    another good researcher on the subject is British author Steph Young (a woman)- already written 10 books about this subject-

    I wish I could provide a link about this but I'm still trying to come...
  20. Re: Jeffrey E. Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking by fed [6th July, 2019].

    let's hope the report in the start of this thread is true-

    be well all-

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