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    Sounds like the BBC micro from the 80's. I have fond memories of playing with one of those at my primary school way back in the day :-)
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    Re: Mysterious Fireball Spotted Over Kerala

    Hmmm.... Joins some dots...

    We had a similar fireball event several days ago here in Western Australia :
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    Re: Extraterrestrial Documentation of our History

    You know, I personally can't wait for contact with ET's, but I have to wonder how it's going to occur on this planet - especially with a government hell bent of suppressing knowledge of et's...
  4. Re: Interactive Interdimensional Beings via Technology

    I believe there are many different levels of physicality in the dimensional universe. The main difference being that as one goes higher in the dimensions, physicality becomes less "dense" and more...
  5. Re: Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer "Rich people don't create jobs"

    And when the 1% DO give back, there is *ALWAYS*, and I mean *ALWAYS* an ulterior motive!

    I would love to see bill gates give 250 million dollars to homeless shelters in America rather than his...
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    Re: David Icke: do you trust him or not?

    I think one day in the near future - much sooner than many of you believe possible - we will honour this fine man with an award for what he has done for humanity.

    He is definitely one of the...
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    Re: From Bill Ryan -- the Ultimate Hypothesis

    I wholeheartedly agree :) The first thought that went through my head when I read they wanted to go hide on the moon was that they probably don't even remember that that's the way they got here in...
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    Re: Obamacare stands: your thoughts or opinions?

    You know, something like this should actually help improve the health of the average american..... But the way your health system is going, I wouldn't be surprised if the system suffered a complete...
  9. Re: COBRA: Operation Omega Phoenix - Thursday, June 28, 2012

    I agree. I don't want them to do all the work for us, but for them to say "take our hands, and we'll help you do this.". I think that is the best way to do this, and is the way it will be done. That...
  10. Re: Disclosure: Adamus Board Addition (Gordon Duff of VT cryptic ref to suppressed te

    One good thing about VT is that I feel it has some very strong backing from high up in the military. Otherwise,I doubt they could get away with what they have been releasing of late...
  11. Re: Disclosure: Adamus Board Addition (Gordon Duff of VT cryptic ref to suppressed te

    What really amazed me was when Gordon recently came out and inferred in one of his articles that there was at least some truth to the hollow earth theory (he actually talked about Admiral Byrd in the...
  12. Re: Disclosure: Adamus Board Addition (Gordon Duff of VT cryptic ref to suppressed te

    Neither of those. It would be a group operating very much behind-the-scenes. Most likely no public records.

    By the way, the joel mentioned was me. Yes, I have become a Duff addict - he's coming...
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    Re: Panic in the NWO

    I think the sheer magnitude of the changes facing us as a people dictate that the revolution / transformation will be violent in a way. BUT this *DOES NOT* neccessarily equate to PHYSICAL violence....
  14. Re: Prometheus Movie Based Upon Reality? See TRUE ENCODED STARMAPS!

    I saw it a few weeks ago... Loved the premise, enjoyed the movie but it didn't give enough attention to really building the charector of the human precursors on the planet - who they were and why...
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    Re: May 20th Photon Belt Energies!

    We had some extremely strange weather come through the last few days. One storm came through with category 2 cyclone-strength winds (140km/h) caused widespread destruction - luckily mostly downed...
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    Re: Tell us all what you believe.

    Of course beliefs change and are transient. But through belief comes eternal knowledge. What I am saying is that certain beliefs get proven to be true to you (and it may just be to you - sometimes...
  17. Re: John Carter wants You to Leave Prison Planet Earth - Earth is Not Your Home

    You're wrong. We didn't come to this planet just to get teleported off thsi rock once we're "enlightened" enough. Our job is to help raise the consciousness of the earth and all those who reside up...
  18. Thread: Time travel

    by jcocks

    Re: The Damanhur Federation in Italy: a model plus time travel

    I don't think you can truly "trap" or "harvest" a soul - that is, it is never trapped forever, it can escape. The thing is they trick the soul into thinking it is free when it is not. The soul would...
  19. new VT article...very interesting and should be read by all!

    Just came across a new VT article that is very interesting. It lays the whole intel game out (including above-black level) for everyone to see in relatively eaasy to understand language. What is most...
  20. BREAKING NEWS : Murdoch "not fit and proper" to lead News Copr

    A british parliamentary committee has found Murdoch "not a fit and proper man" to lead an international organisation. What's more, they're...
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