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    Re: Support for Windows XP ends

    just an advice for people who new to linux or switching from Widows aware of risk management and backup all of your files...but importantly stay calm.

    today i was about to install...
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    Re: Support for Windows XP ends

    right now i'm on trail which is best scenario using OS Visualization seems that i will have Windows 7 as Host and on Vmware have Linux OS and for other stuff that needed to be in Windows...
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    Re: I ache from loneliness

    these days i'm pretty much a loner, even room with full of people but inside i feel alone and being sick of with the crap is going on or the society is going. Alot of times especially when ever i...
  4. Re: World Leaders Wear Bizarre Illuminati Pyramid at Summit

    you talking about this Tiger?
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    From my personal view, i find Alex Collier is genuine guy and if he's a hoaxer but alot of stuff what he said blew me away with his underlying message...i can feel it deep inside and listen from...
  6. Re: Why Now? What Does The Alien Invasion Want?

    agree...i consider we beings us as a game for them.
  7. Re: Soft Disclosure Media forms - Do you see evidence of it? Share it here :)

    in term of Technology i considered those Sci-fi Movies and TV Show especially Star Trek or ancient aliens is in form of disclosure.
  8. Controversial technologies (for Archonic intentions) brought to public knowledge

    interesting stuff i found that Star Trek have mention about this of mind control prisoners like in
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    Re: ET's that eat humans

    this popup in my head when i saw the title...

    what's more cruel than hunting shark for their fin and let them go to the sea...this have been in chinese and asian culture for thousands of years.
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    Closed-eye hallucination‎

    i don't know what exactly it called and i believe that term on Mainstream called it Closed Eye Hallucination. My point being seeing stuff when you...
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    Re: True Detective: HBO TV - Dark and Riveting

    from the trailer doesn't interest me at all but after hearing many positive comment going to check it out now...back later time for my Thumbs up or Down.
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    Australia the Concealed Colony

    The Corporate Governemt, Australia the Concealed Colony

    Australia the Concealed Colony Document...
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    From, and also at

    Good news for followers of Alex Collier, we have...
  14. Re: Job interview at the CIA conducted by an Alien..!

    wrong thread
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    Re: Sleep paralysis

    yes, it happen to me last year also no voice or really soft small voice came out of my mouth which other person could not hear. these days it seems that i have cross to other dimension which i...
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    Re: Sleep paralysis

    i don't know what to call Sleep paralysis or lucid dreaming, i used to have sleep paralysis in unable to move or talk but these days i'm more in control able to talk and seen vision abit more...
  17. Re: What's the Difference between Socialism and Communism?

    what's Individualism? this is new term to me but one thing pop up to my head is egos all about me not others or society because of human nature.
  18. Re: What's the Difference between Socialism and Communism?

    i think the system hijacked by capitalist-cartel(what ever you want to called it), i have a friend in denmark which considered to be socialist country where everything have been paid through high...
  19. Re: What's the Difference between Socialism and Communism?

    thanks Dennis and posters for clearing it up! that is what on my mind for over year now, infrastructure and resource must own by public especially banks and financial institution.

    when i read...
  20. What's the Difference between Socialism and Communism?

    What's the Difference between Socialism and Communism?

    i have discussion with a mate about it and he said is the same thing but communism more extreme while i considered socialism is refer to...
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