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    Re: RV Help/Question

    have you considered it could be A.I. ??? they could be trolling you , just to keep you distracted from whatever your into ...
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    Re: Fugitives/Refugees coming to Europe

    I'm sorry to say this sounds like the worst propaganda from the racist/fascist factions in Sweden. That said I don't think all pple voting for the Swedish Democrats are racists but they don't...
  3. Re: Jim Lee Witness - Chemtrail / Testimony @ EPA Washington DC

    it is my opinion they spray to reduce the harmful effects of solar radiation , due to our swiss cheese Ozone field that they created by Atomic testing years ago ... they just didn't factor in natures...
  4. Re: "There is an absolute polar opposite of/to you"

    yin and yang ...cause and effect ... reaping and sowing ... time and timelessness ... spirit and material ... stands to reason there would be an opposite of everyone ...
  5. Re: The Law of Polarity ~ Dualistic Universe

    this goes to the heart of Creation , infinite spiritual energy producing a material Universe , one does a ballet with the other ... the law of cause and affect ... it's all a ballet and we are...
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    Re: Fugitives/Refugees coming to Europe

    Edward Meier foretold of this situation a long time ago , also all of Europe will fall to Islam , and the fanatics will maintain their power for a long time ... it will lead to a war that will...
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    Re: Talking about the reptilians

    advanced humans can use impulse telepathy and make you see what they want you to see , maybe even making them appear as reptile like in appearance ... only a handful of the old gods remained with...
  8. Re: Are You Experiencing Any of these Strange Symptoms?

    Since. 1844 our solar system has been moving towards the constellation Hercules, the new age, time speeding up and will continue until 2026... The plejaren have said our exposure to the rays of the...
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    Dark energy is a great mystery to earth mankind , with a little reading from beings much older and more advanced, secrets could be unlocked...
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    View Post

    Geo-engineering was the cause of Mars losing its atmosphere and forcing ETs to migrate to Earth... Further back it was partly the cause of an entire galaxy being lost ... When mankind makes advances'...
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    Re: September Event....

    Our world suffers from an age old problem that has troubled every world, humans with wrong thinking... The lust for power and control ... It has destroyed a galaxy, a sun, a planet, and is the whole...
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    Re: What financial crisis??

    All part of an agenda to bring back the roman empire , one government one religion , one army, One currency ... A very ancient chess game beginning 3,500 years ago...
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    Re: Proof of time travel by Jane Tripp

    Our friend Edward Meier it is said , went on time travel excursions into the future and the past ... He gave a flashlight to a man the 1600s in France , the man is in the history books as having a...
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    Re: The 8-hour sleep myth

    They say person only needs 20 minutes of rem sleep...
  15. Re: Barter/trade Items in Time of Economic Collapse

    Rope, cold and wet weather gear, trash bags , and anything to make fire ... If your things get wet they are useless, if your cold and wet , you will give up everything to be dry and warm...
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    Re: Scientists Create Human Brain

    The words of Enoch coming to pass, robotic cloned killing machines with AI , unleashed on humanity will gain independence, and the military will lose control of them... 888 days of hell on earth......
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    Re: Encounters with shadow people

    Yup but, I don't like talking about it. I would just as soon forget about it...
  18. Re: The Bob Lazar case has turned hot again: Scientist claims he worked with Bob Lazar at Los Alamos

    I bought Bob Lazar's 6 vhs tape set back in the early 90's , he explained all the science behind their work , and used a chalk board to write equations and told everyone to take the information to...
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    Re: What is going down in September?

    the controllers/PTB will just continue to spread fear ... that day or days will be like today the Earth will just turn around one time on it's axis ... Sept they say an asteroid could impact the...
  20. Re: Did you know....Who really wrote The Matrix?

    most of the world we are told , shown , or pushed in our faces daily is upside down , totally backwards ... the truth is the stuff of myth and legend and the stuff of myth and legend is truth ... red...
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